Sunday Sadz

I am seriously out of sorts today. Not super-crabby, but irritable enough that I do have somewhat of a short fuse. I think it’s that damn hacking cough and not getting enough sleep over the past 3-4 days. That’s all I want. Sleep. Beautiful, restorative sleep. Preferably without the every-3-4-hour-interruption of the aforementioned hacking cough.

And I should be in a decent mood.

It’s absolutely gorgeous outside.

Jay’s expanded our garden quite a bit.

And there are signs of spring in the dead areas of our yard–Which is somewhat unusual for the first day of April in South Dakota. Still, I feel all out of sorts–Especially now too, as my photo software is acting a little weird. I think I might have inadvertently deleted my photo downloader or something. Oh well.

My brother-in-law came over for dinner, although it wasn’t too much.

Easy baked cheese fries. And some grilled buffalo chicken.

I used the last of my final freebie from Foodbuzz…Some KC Masterpiece Buffalo Marinade. I remember getting it well after I left Foodbuzz, and I emailed them about why I’d received it. Apparently (Like with just about everything else I ever tried to opt in for with them) I’d opted in months before, but the samples all went to other people ahead of me (it happened frequently enough that I went for a six-month stretch without receiving ANYthing from them, and I finally complained about it, and then suddenly I got every sample I opted in for). They either got a second shipment or not enough people wanted them, so they sent out a second round, and I was apparently on that list. I will say, I do miss getting free food samples, but I had other issues with Foodbuzz, which is why I left.

But that’s neither here or there. Dinner was pretty good overall.

I wanted to keep it relatively simple, just since we ate a LOT at my in-laws’ this afternoon. Roast beef, carrots, potatoes, corn, and mini cream puffs for dessert. I thought about having a salad before the main meal, but I’ve once again gone over my daily points, so I won’t be eating much of anything else this evening! Loads of water for me for the rest of the night, and here’s hoping I lose at least SOMEthing come Tuesday!

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