How to Tell You’re Completely Exhausted

Whatever this cold/sinus infection/plague is, it’s kicking my ass. The cough has become a bit of a joke–I keep telling people I have consumption (which, I shouldn’t really be joking about, after reading some article about non-treatable strains of TB making their way around the world), but I can tell the gunk is all stuck in the back of my throat (sounds a bit rude, doesn’t it?), rather than in my lungs.

Still, it’s prevented me from getting a decent night’s sleep in about a week now, and yesterday afternoon, I hit the wall. I was sitting at my desk around 4:30, and for whatever reason, this scene from Father Ted popped into my head. I know nothing about the show, other than the snippet that’s at the beginning of just about every BBC show on DVD we own, but I kept envisioning the bit where Father Ted says to the old crazy priest, “Oh, not the Toilet Duck again?” and then it goes all trippy/psychedelic. For whatever reason, I could not stop laughing at that, and proceeded to crack up again when telling Jay about it after he picked me up!

We stopped at the store after work–I’ve been somewhat guilt-tripped into making some Easter cupcakes for Friday. It’s just a half-day, I but I had someone besides Hal ask why I haven’t been baking as much lately (because I eat too many baked goods, and healthified stuff just isn’t the same!). I’d already mentioned to the bambino that we might bake cupcakes this weekend, and I know him well enough that he’ll watch while I crack eggs into the mixer, then walk away. And I make them Thursday and take them into work, I won’t risk eating them all myself! But I felt a little guilty for not having brought in treats in awhile (even though I brought cupcakes in last month!), so I said I’d bring something (my coworker did redeem himself by saying that the reason he bugs me about it is because he thinks I’m really good at baking). I went and got some food coloring–I’m going to re-make the Dinosaur Sprinkled Cupcakes I made awhile back, except with an Easter-ish/pastel look to them. I’m even thinking of making the frosting a fun pastel color.

I ended up having to call the clinic back this morning, because my eye still isn’t fully cleared up, and apparently, there’s a resistant strain of pinkeye going around. Fabulous. New eyedrops for me. Yay. Then, I come down to break and find that Google AdSense has suspended my account. No extra ads for me, which especially sucks, as I was making more off those ads than I have been with Foodie Blogroll (whose ads don’t even appear half the time–I’m left with white space more often than not!). Eff them. Eff everything. I don’t know who I pissed off in a past life, but I’m kind of sick of this crap. I feel trapped in some horrid limbo where nothing is ever meant to go my way. Nothing lucky will ever happen to Jay and I. No good will come from anything we attempt. My only bright spot, as always, is the bambino. Every other aspect of my life might suck ass right now, but my son is intelligent, he is kind, and he is happy. No one can take away the fact that I am a damn good parent.

And rather than choking my negativity and feelings of worthlessness down, or feeding them on junk food, I did appease them somewhat by making comfort food for tonight’s dinner.

Pancakes. With sausage:

And I didn’t eat any of it. I went out for lunch today, and ate enough that I wasn’t really hungry for dinner. I might get into something later, because my stomach is beginning to grumble a bit. We went to Barf-Mart again this evening (and I have to go back AGAIN tomorrow night, because I forgot to get cupcake boxes), and I decided to try something new:

Abby had been telling me and another coworker about them a couple days ago, and on a whim (and because they’re black and white checked), I picked them up.

These would’ve been awesome to have when I was in my Ska-infused heyday during college. Still, they’re fun. A bit of a pain, but fun. My left hand looks a LOT better than my right, but that’s to be expected, I guess. That’s usually how my manicures turn out.

I just want to get through this week and be done with it. Next week will likely be a beast too. I think I’m going to go make myself some popcorn (air-popped, of course) and crawl into bed in roughly an hour. Good riddance to today.

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