Crankiness and Easter Cupcakes

The lack of sleep has caught up with me in a big way. I’m beyond Father Ted and the Toilet Duck. Now I’m just crabby. And tired enough, I’ll be popping a muscle relaxer both to help me sleep, and (hopefully) relieve some of the tension/pain in my back caused by the coughing fits of last week. A fun side-effect from this sinus infection is the fact that I’m constantly smelling wood-smoke, or something burnt. Like I’ve been outside at a bonfire or something. I looked it up–It’s weird, but not entirely uncommon. It can also be a sign that my face is going to fall off or something, but I’m pretty sure this will go away once I fully heal.

And because I promised I would, I made some cupcakes last night.

Almost 4 dozen of them.

I thought the frosting turned out very well, but the cakes were less-than-stellar. Still, maybe it was just me, as everyone at work seemed to really like them, and I only wound up bringing back home one out of two dozen. I made a couple people take extras for their children.

I only had a half day at work, so the bambino and I puttered around, running errands, and doing precious little else. I was going to start laundry, but didn’t get around to it. I was also going to start a grocery list, but I didn’t bother with that either. I’m avoiding Hy-Vee for the time being. I know a couple people who work there, and apparently every single person in Brookings County has descended on the place in the last 48 hours. So if I go, it will either be tomorrow at the butt-crack of dawn, or Sunday, at the butt-crack of dawn. It’ll all depend on when I get that grocery list done.

I’ve also been really bad with Weight Watchers today. I haven’t tracked ANYTHING, and I’ve basically eaten like crap. Fast food, ice cream…Soda, even! I almost never drink soda, other than at my in-laws’. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day, and if I can get myself back on track, and maybe (finally) go for an early-morning walk, I can repair the damage done today.

Which means I should probably work on a weekly menu first, then maybe a grocery list.

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