“When my eyes have been so red, I’ve been mistaken for dead…”

I slept last night for almost 10 hours straight. I got up once when the bambino cried out to be re-covered by his blanket, but I didn’t get out of bed until his cold little hands tickled me to wake me up. After some coffee and much puttering about, we popped out for some lunch, and then went grocery shopping. I spent a bit more than I wanted, but I got a bunch of stuff:

I found a couple recipes on The English Kitchen that I want to try next week, and needed more arugula and the grape tomatoes.

The meat. I needed more Canadian bacon for next week’s breakfasts.

Dairy. I got the good milk at Buttercrust yesterday, and we’re already down a half-gallon! Butter was on sale, so I restocked the freezer. I’m tempted to go and get a couple more blocks tomorrow.

Everything else (minus the toothpaste, toilet paper, gnocchi and sub rolls I forgot to photograph). I get daily and weekly emails from Food & Wine, and a couple months ago, one featured a recipe for an Applesauce Chocolate Chip Bundt cake. So I thought I’d make that tomorrow. That’s what the mascarpone is for–The recipe calls for it to be served with crème fraîche, but Hy-Vee was out of it. I love mascarpone, and the Crave Brothers brand is especially tasty.

I spaced off for awhile–Jay decided to pop in The Ten Commandments, so we watched the first half of it. In the midst of it, I started working on dinner:

Braised Pork Chops with Sage and Tomatoes, Modena Style, from my Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking cookbook. I haven’t had decently moist pork chops in ages, and these were so tender! I served them with some whole wheat/sweet potato gnocchi:

I sautéed them in a bit of butter with salt, pepper and garlic powder (I’d forgotten I was going to mince a couple cloves of garlic until after I got the gnocchi into the pan). I was originally thinking I’d top them with Parmesan, but I’m out of it. I found a chunk of Romano in the fridge I’d bought awhile back, and I figured that would work just fine. And it did. I wanted a little more caramelization on the gnocchi before I served them, but there were two hungry vultures already waiting at the table for me.

Tomorrow will be spent doing laundry and having Easter dinner with Jay’s parents. And possibly reading the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

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