Scooping up the rabbits & boppin’ ’em on the head…

We’ve seen a few more rabbits lurking about our yard lately…We’d hoped that the 2 winters before last might’ve killed off whatever nests (or whatever a group of rabbits is actually called) were in our yard, but I suspect our awesomely mild winter might’ve brought them back. There’s one I haven’t seen around in a couple years, though, that I affectionately refer to as The Mangy Bastard, but I think his offspring has taken up residence (we’ve named him after a coworker of Jay’s, so I won’t reveal what we call him).

But since it’s Easter and the Easter Bunny came to visit the bambino, I figured mention of rabbits was okay. I feel a bit like a heathen, though…The bambino kept going on about how Easter was all about the Easter Bunny and candy, and I didn’t really want to get into a theological discussion with my 4-year-old about the origins of the Resurrection and/or Passover (since the two sometimes overlap).

We went over to Jay’s parents’ for Easter dinner. My father-in-law got a lamb roast, of which I didn’t partake. I’ve had lamb before, and I put it up there with buffalo–I’ll eat it, but it’s not my favorite. I carb-loaded instead, and held out for a piece of the homemade cheesecake my mother-in-law made. After we got home, I started on the laundry I should’ve done yesterday, and then got to work on dinner:

Long Boy Burgers. These were one of the recipes from The English Kitchen I mentioned yesterday. The other one was for Cheesy Chicken Rarebits, but I’ve since allotted the chicken to some tortilla soup I’m going to make on Wednesday, and the grape tomatoes to a pasta dish I’m going to make tomorrow night.

I did lighten these up a bit by cutting back on the panko, using lean ground beef and less milk, lower-fat cheese, and egg whites instead of an egg. They still clock in at 10 PointsPlus, which is a lot. But they’re tasty! I served cups of applesauce on the side.

For some reason, I’ve got a bug up my butt about making some financiers, and getting a proper pan for them. I found 2 molds for $15 at, but I haven’t decided if I’ll get them or not. I probably will, but I haven’t decided what kind I’ll make when I get the pans! But I’ve got time to think about it, since I haven’t ordered them yet. I’ll do that first thing tomorrow morning.

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3 Replies to “Scooping up the rabbits & boppin’ ’em on the head…”

  1. Have you tried ground turkey? We are trying to move to this only (I’m resisting a bit). I found if its a good enough recipe it tastes like ground beef. So even though it’s a tad more expensive I’ll buy it. Joe’s been wanting to eat better and I’d like to drop the last few pregnancy pounds so it’d be a win- win for us. I just like stuff to taste good….but I’m following your recipes closely to see how your points are stacking up to give me an idea of here to go.

    • I’m not a huge fan of ground turkey…I know it’s supposed to be better and all for you, but I’m more likely to use ground chicken in a recipe than I am turkey. I’ve kind of gotten Jay to loosen the reins on having meat with every single meal…Although when I showed him the recipe for the pasta I’m making tonight, the first thing out of his mouth was “That doesn’t have any meat in it, does it?” But if it helps, I’m down 2 lbs. since I started WW 2 weeks ago…Hopefully it’ll be more than that at tomorrow’s weigh-in!

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