What I’ve been up to lately…

I can now relax. I was off today from work, and I also have tomorrow off. I spent last night baking almost 50 cupcakes for Abby (which I forgot to photograph), so I was busy with that, as well as dinner:

Hamburger alla panna. I think I screwed up the sauce a bit, because my roux didn’t exactly cook up the way I was hoping, and it was a little on the lumpy side. Still, the sauce itself was tasty, and Jay seemed to really like it. I’ll have to give them another go when I’m a little less rushed.

I also got a fun package yesterday:

Treats from Chanel. I hadn’t placed an order with them in about 3 years, because the last time I tried, they claimed there were issues with the information on my debit card not matching up with the information their system was showing. I flipped out (my mind immediately went to ID theft), but thankfully, I work in a bank, and after consultation with a personal banker, I figured it was something on their end. I had them cancel the order, and figured I just wouldn’t use them again. But I had some extra income tax money leftover (I used the bulk of it to pay a bill, so I decided to treat myself), so I thought I’d try again, especially after falling in love with one of the new nail polish colors:

A dark, sparkly grey. And I’ve been out of perfume for what seems like forever, and while I really like the regular Chance fragrance, I also really like Chance Eau Tendre. And now I smell pretty! I’ll probably paint my nails later this evening.

Jay and I headed down to Sioux Falls for most of the morning. Ol’ Junior needed an oil change, and for some reason, the door was sticking a bit on the driver’s side. And I’m going to need to see about going back at some point, as I need a bunch of fluids flushed and replaced. Joy.

We had lunch at Famous Dave’s (Jay’s choice), which was good as always. I got some buffalo chicken:

Which Jay also had along with some brisket. I tried to eat all of this as well:

But I could only manage about half of it. I have a feeling I’m not going to be eating dinner tonight, although I might make a batch of chicken soup. We’ll see, though. I kind of want to just go put on pajamas and slip into my food-induced lethargy-coma for the rest of the day. I am glad Jay chose Famous Dave’s, though, as it’s Customer Appreciation Week. While we were eating, the manager (I assume) periodically came round to different tables, presenting the customers with a coupon for some grab & go ribs, as well as a bottle of barbecue sauce:

Jay and I were pleasantly surprised to see we got the “hot” variety. When we were first seated, we got a plate of chips to use in sampling all the different sauces, and Devil’s Spit was the one we both liked the best. It’s a slow heat, but not too hot for me.

Also while we were in Sioux Falls, I picked up a copy of this:

Don’t laugh. When we were at breakfast last week, Melissa asked if Katie or I had read this yet. Neither one of us had, but the night before I’d been reading reviews on Amazon for it. Melissa and Katie each have e-readers, but I am being an old-fashioned holdout, so I’d been waiting on Amazon to ship the books. Rather than continue to wait, I picked up the first one this afternoon (and will likely start reading it at some point today), and am attempting to cancel that portion of my Amazon order. According to Melissa, it’s total garbage (but worthy of snark), and rather graphic, as illustrated by the “warning” sticker:

And as soon as she dropped the term “mommy porn,” I figured I’d see what all the fuss was about. We’ll be having a book club-like discussion on it once Katie & I have finished reading. I have a feeling I’m going to be laughing through the whole thing.

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6 Replies to “What I’ve been up to lately…”

  1. The B & N reviews on that book are awful. I read an excerpt, and wouldn’t touch it Chica….not Mommy porn, more like teens wanna play grown-up…..

    • I gather it’s no Harlequin romance novel…I just want to read it so I know how absolutely awful it is! The Amazon reviews aren’t really any better, but as you are fond of pointing out, any reading is better than none at all! :)

  2. Gotta say I love how I am always the one who leads you astray in your blog (drinking, reading really bad mom porn books). Makes me seem much cooler than I am. It is total garbage but you gotta read it to appreciate how crazy bad it. And, for the record, I am reading Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin at the moment. It’s all about balance.

    • Haha–You are the cool trend-setting friend! I never would’ve given that book a second thought, but I am curious to read the train wreck. I’m going to the Ansel Adams exhibit tomorrow, to balance out the mom porn, which I’m hoping is so awful I will laugh all the way through reading. :)

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