Scales and Measurements-A Review

Since joining Weight Watchers a second time around, I’ve been trying to be far more conscious of everything I shove down my gullet. I’ve been good about tracking, and it’s amazing to me how often I basically eat double my daily points, or almost always go over and dip into my weekly or activity points. After the first meeting in this session, I debated on buying a food scale. Weight Watchers makes one that will calculate your points as well as the weight of your food, but I didn’t particularly want to drop the money on it. Coincidentally, the next morning, I had an email from the folks at OXO, letting me know that I would be receiving a food scale to test and review, as part of their Healthy Eating Tools campaign.

I was especially excited about this, as I’d thrown my name in back in February, hoping to be chosen for this opportunity, and went for about a month without hearing anything. And not having to actually spend money on this was pretty awesome too. So I waited patiently for it to arrive.

It even came with its own batteries (hey, you’ve gotta like that…I hate getting something and then finding I have to run to the store to get batteries before I can use it)!

It’s really simple to use. Just turn it on:

And then add whatever it is you want to weigh. In this case, I weighed an apple I used for juicing:

I also tested it out on the steaks I cooked for dinner last night. I was a little afraid, since these suckers were at least an inch and a half thick, and I didn’t really trim them before cooking. Half of the steak I was going to share with the bambino had a natural break within some of the fat, so I lopped it off and decided I’d weigh it. I weighed the plate first:

Then zeroed out, so I’d know how much the piece of steak weighed:

And yes, to the trained eye, I goofed, and put the steak on the plate first, then on the scale, without thinking. So the photos are a little off, but after realizing my mistake, I did it the correct way. Four ounces is an ounce more of meat than you’re supposed to eat, but considering that was about the only protein I had yesterday, I’m not going to worry about it. The frozen yogurt we got at the new CherryBerry last night probably did more damage!

So, my thanks to OXO for another great and easy-to-use product to review! I’m going to use it again to weigh out the hazelnuts for some brownies I’m going to make later this afternoon, once I get some pasta and sauce made for my lunch next week out of the way.

DISCLOSURE: As part of OXO’s Blogger Outreach program, I was sent this scale for review. My observations and opinions are my own. OXO is one of the few brands I will happily pimp out because they consistently make good, quality products. I have bought several other kitchen tools from them on my own, and will continue to do so. Also, in full disclosure, I was sent a second food scale, to give away–Rather than do a blog giveaway, I chose instead to give it to a friend, who’s also doing Weight Watchers and had expressed interest in getting herself a food scale. After I found out OXO was sending me this one, I promised her that if I received a second one, she could have it. I hope she’s finding as easy to use as I am!

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  1. Rachel- I am so impressed! I can hardly imagine the results if I were to weigh my food. I’ve often thought while eating that it is ridiculous how much I am eating, and if I followed the portion guidelines (except for oreos, I mean really, who can eat just 2?) I would probably feel (and look) so much better- eventually. My fear is that in the meantime I’ll feel starved and then I’ll feel sad and I eat when I’m sad! Do you find it’s taken your body awhile to adjust to the proper sized portions?

    • If it makes you feel better, I can only buy Oreos once a year…The last time I did, Lex & I polished them off in just about 24 hours. :) It is hard realizing just how much one can overeat…I do struggle with not inhaling my food (something I never did until Lex came along!), and trying to be more mindful of whether or not I am satisfied, once I’m done with a meal…But yeah, it’s taken some getting used to (more getting over the notion of “Is that all I get?!”).

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