“Double crap.”

I seriously have awesomely funny friends. Katie, Melissa and I had dinner at The Brownstone last night, so that we could discuss the Fifty Shades Trilogy (only Melissa’s actually finished it–Katie’s working on the 2nd book, and I’m about halfway through the third). There were drinks:

Amaretto Sours for me–It’s been AGES since I’ve had one (got burned out on them in college), and I thought I’d give them a try again. Dinner was really good as well. Salad:

Sometimes I don’t mind mixed greens, but these were a little on the bitter side. I prefer mixed baby greens, so I didn’t finish it. I had some Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, which I LOVED.

There was a LOT of garlic in the sauce, which gave it a kick I wasn’t expecting. The last time I had Alfredo sauce, it was at the Olive Garden, so it was rather bland. And even though I shouldn’t have, I got dessert:

A brownie sundae. Which, from what I remember the last time we were there, that’s not what they looked like. I seem to recall (I don’t remember who got it–I thought Jessica had) that the brownie was bigger, and more fudgy, rather than cake-like which is what I ended up with. The ganache on top reminded me of the sauce that develops underneath Hot Fudge Brownie Pudding, so I thought that was fine.

Throughout dinner, we discussed the Fifty Shades of Grey (book number one, if you want to check it out for yourself), and since the movie rights have been purchased, when we weren’t bitching about the ridiculousness of the story, we were coming up with an awesome cast for the movie. For starters, we envisioned the Coen Brothers directing it. We also thought it would be hysterical to combine it with The Big Lebowski, just because it’s really that ridiculous. Here’s what we got:

Anastasia–Frances McDormand (reprising her Fargo accent)
Christian Grey–50 Cent
Taylor (the head of security)–Jeff Bridges as The Dude
Mrs. Robinson–Steve Buscemi in drag

I don’t think we really touched on more than that, and while it sounds lame written out, it was damn funny when we were discussing all the possibilities. We even had John Goodman as Walter shouting out “You’re entering a world of pain!” whenever someone entered “the playroom.” I’m still laughing about it as I’m typing!

After we left the Brownstone (we got the impression our waitress was kind of kicking us out after we had dessert), we popped over to O’Hare’s, and lo and behold, they had $5 White Russians, so we all indulged, and continued our movie plot. It was a good evening, with good friends, and I think we’re going to get together again once we’ve all finished the final book. In the meantime, I have laundry to think about doing, as well as some baking projects to get into. Oh, and before I go, even though it was rather lame, I decided that since there were only 3 entries for my scone giveaway, I’d be cheap and give the mix to Melissa. Except that I forgot to bring it with me last night, so I’ll get it to her sometime next week!

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  1. Oh crap….so I discussed the author’s predilection for that oh-so-eloquent phrase with Ernie this morning. He agrees – it is one of the least sexy things to say so it’s not just us.

    I have now finished book 2 and since it’s rainy and I still feel sick, I might as well make myself feel worse by reading book 3 now. The books are terrible but the laughs last night were totally worth it!

    • I’m almost done with #3, and it will have you rolling your eyes on practically every page. The “oh craps” have been toned down a little bit, I’ve noticed, but it’s still ridiculous. As in I had to text Melissa with a “Really? Are you kidding me?” message…We will definitely need to get together again and discuss–Plus, I recall a tentative Big Lebowski-themed dinner party complete with bowling that needs to happen. :)

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