“Tramplingrose, boy could she lose some weight!”

No, thankfully, no one has said that to me recently…Nor has anyone asked if I’m expecting, thank the gods. There is method to my madness, as you will soon see.

I’m sure most people have figured out that rather than coming up with some clever food-related title for my posts, I tend to use song lyrics that (I think) somehow fit with either the post’s theme, what I’ve made, or what I’ve photographed. Unless I’m suffering brain-exhaustion, in which case you get things like “Seconds on Sunday.” In today’s case, it’s a reference to Crowded House’s “Chocolate Cake.”

I have no idea who Kathy Straker is–I think the liner notes in my “Woodface” cassette (yes, I said cassette…Does anyone else remember those? At least I’m not old enough to recall eight-tracks!) had some blurb about who she is/was, but I have no idea where it is, nor do I really remember what it said.

So what do obscure song lyric references and Crowded House have to do with anything? Other than Crowded House being one of my four favorite bands (and the only one I ever got to see perform live), and my love of the Finn Brothers (which has stretched on for over 20 years now), it has to do with this:

I made a chocolate cake. A couple weeks ago, I got a free copy of this magazine in the mail:

I need another food magazine like I need a hole in my head, and while it’s tempting to order a subscription (almost every savory recipe calls for wine to be added!), I just do not have the $28 to part with right now. Besides, I think I misplaced the order form…Which is probably a good thing. But anyway, the last recipe in the magazine was for Chocolate Cake:

A very moist and delicious-looking chocolate cake (I hate the word moist, by the way, but that’s what the picture of the cake looks like–Moist). And how can you not love a cake frosted with ganache? I did have to pop out to Buttercrust yesterday to get some cream, as well as a baguette to go with the stuffed shells I’ll be making later tonight.

I had to sample a piece…For blogging purposes, of course. And who doesn’t occasionally have a big slab of cake for breakfast?

This is the kind of chocolate cake that calls for a huge glass of milk at its side. So very very scrumptious. It is moist too…And the best part? Since I frosted the cake around 10:30 last night I skimped a bit on the frosting (that and it still wasn’t as chilled or cooled off as I’d’ve liked), there is ganache left over that’s just begging to be warmed up and dumped on some vanilla ice cream. Some GOOD vanilla ice cream…Like maybe some Ben & Jerry’s (that’s for Melissa and Katie).

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