Big Fluffy Buns & A Bunch of Other Stuff

Since Jay’s mom and dad are out of town this weekend, I have the entirety of both Saturday and Sunday to myself. I had planned to get up early, work out (I’m behind where I wanted to be with the 30-Day Shred), go grocery shopping, and get the laundry done. I did get up early, did not work out, went grocery shopping, and got the laundry done. I realized after I got home that I forgot to get buns…And since I decided we’d have some burgers tonight for dinner, I either had to go back out (and I was/am feeling lazy enough that I didn’t really want to, plus I spent more than I’d planned at the store), or I could get off my duff and make my own, for only the second time ever.

I’ve been supremely lazy about my own baking since Buttercrust Bakery opened here in town. The owner is really nice, they have awesome goods:

(I’ve got plans for that later this week) and they carry awesome dairy products:

Caramel Latte milk?

It’s delicious! It doesn’t taste so much like a latte, in that there’s no coffee flavoring, but rather it’s more like caramel ice cream sauce with melted vanilla ice cream mixed together. I think I’m going to dig out my French press tonight, cold brew some coffee, and mix the two together tomorrow morning. I’ll let you know if it’s any good!

But back to the buns…As I said, I’ve been lazy since Buttercrust opened with not baking my own bread and such. But I am trying to scrimp and save for the multitude of home projects we need to have done at some point in the near future, so I erred on the side of cheapness, and got to work. Rather than dig out the bread machine, I opted to get out the stand mixer and let that make the dough.

I picked up some white whole wheat flour at the store this morning, but I used it for all the flour called for in the recipe, as opposed to doing half WWW/half A-P. It made for a thicker dough than I was anticipating, but it all worked out in the end, even if the buns were a lot denser than I was anticipating.

I used them for burgers.

Since I didn’t have any sliced cheese, but plenty of shredded, I opted to mix the cheese into the burger patties.

They were decent. I made some chili-spiced potato wedges to go with. That diet-comfort-food cookbook my mom sent me has a lot of good stuff in it. I’ve got pork tenderloin and ham and pasta recipes on the agenda for this week, as well as some breakfast and lunch ideas. For now, I need to go scrounge up a dessert before the storms roll in (assuming they do…I have a feeling they’re going to fizzle out), and I can settle down to catch up on my food magazine reading! Good night!

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