“She wore Blue Velvet…”

Whenever I have the time (vacation days, holidays, or the weekends where we have nothing to do), I like to spend the whole day working on my blog posts. I have an idea of what I’m going to write about, what I’ll make during the day, and I usually manage to find some random anecdote to fit in with whatever the post is about. Today was no exception.

I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and a few food porn sites Blue Velvet Cakes popping up here and there. I like Red Velvet Cake, and without doing much more than simple visual research, I assumed that Blue Velvet is the same as Red Velvet, just different food coloring. So I thought I’d give it a try. I had enough blue food coloring, and I’ve been wanting to make The Best Frosting Ever again for awhile. So, before we went over to visit with Jay’s mom and dad, the bambino and I whipped up a couple blue cakes. I set them out to cool when they were done, and away we went. And therein lay my problem.

If you don’t remove a cake from its baking pan within 10-15 minutes, it can sweat, and basically re-stick itself to the inside of the pan. After Googling how to get a stuck cake out of its pan, I popped one back into the oven to try melting the “glue” so I could pop it out (this was after trying to remove the first layer and having half of it drop onto the cooling rack while the other half remained in the pan). I thought I had success when I felt that one fall out, only to discover the same thing happened, and half the cake was still in the pan. I went to dump it into the garbage can and ended up dumping it on the floor instead. No cake for me.

I will attempt baking again tomorrow, though, as my friend Abby pleaded with me to make some adult beverage cupcakes. And since I’d been mulling over how to accomplish them for a few months (luckily I found what sounds like a really good recipe online–Thank the gods for fellow food bloggers!), I figured what the hell? I’ll share more about those tomorrow…Assuming they turn out of course.

In the meantime, I tried yet another Weight Watchers recipe for tonight’s dinner.

With some minor exceptions (like not using quinoa flour or fresh cilantro because they grocery store was out of it), I’ve been trying to follow the recipes as closely as possible, because I know that PointsPlus values can be affected by substitutions, as well as the overall flavor of the dish–Which, when it’s “diet food,” can be especially important.

And that is why on that steak there, you see minced garlic as well as minced shallot. Jay and I rank shallots up there with onions…Neither one of us really minds the flavor, but we don’t like the texture. So I minced the shallot as finely as I could, hoping that no one would bite into a huge chunk of it or anything.

I will say that that steak smelled HEAVENLY while cooking. I wanted to tear chunks of it off and eat it as soon as it was done in the grill pan. I was good and let it rest, though, and then topped it with the arugula salad:

And that was good too. I’m not normally a fan of balsamic vinegar, but this dressing (just olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper) wasn’t over-powering at all. I think sometimes homemade vinaigrettes are made with more vinegar than oil, when the ratio is supposed to be the other way around. Regardless, I am happy there are leftovers for me to have tomorrow for lunch…If I don’t finish off the carnitas first! And while I didn’t get my cake, at least I still had pie:

Have a good evening!

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