It’s a Baked French Toast Kind of Morning

I’m somewhat-but-not-really over my snit from yesterday. It helps to vent, which is something that Jay doesn’t always understand. He’s very much a “fixer” and problem-solver, whereas I just sometimes like to gripe and get it out of my system. We’ll see what the rest of today brings…Although I have tomorrow off, so that will help.

I realized as I was about to head upstairs to bed last night that I completely forgot about prepping breakfast for this morning. I might’ve let it go, were it not for the fact that we ate nothing but junk yesterday. The healthiest thing any one of us ate was the banana I gave the bambino at 8, because he wanted more Biscoff spread in a bowl! I decided today, we’d get back on track, and if that meant staying up an extra 20 minutes to slice bread and whisk some eggs and milk together, so be it.  The end result was worth it, though:

Mixed Berry Baked French Toast
. Another recipe from one of the cookbooks my mom sent me a couple weeks ago.

It’s surprisingly NOT-healthy tasting…Which I knew once Jay said I could make this again any time I wanted. It fell apart when I pulled it out of the pan, but I really like warmed berries, and anything with crunchy, buttery brown sugar on top is GOOD. Really good. The bambino didn’t care for it but there’s only about half left, and I only had one serving.

I did make mine somewhat unhealthy by drizzling cream over it, but it made it that much better. Creamy warmed berries over fluffy eggy bread. Yum!

In the meantime, I need to go and steel myself for finishing the hedge, and maybe getting some laundry going.

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3 Replies to “It’s a Baked French Toast Kind of Morning”

  1. Looks delicious!! Definitely a great idea for a quick, summery breakfast to share with the family. Will try that soon!
    Love the blog, have a great day!

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