“It’s never enough to do what you must…”

I’ve said many times that one of the main reasons I listen to (and admit I listen to) Ska is that it’s happy music (even though it drove my mom nuts when I was in college and still lived at home). Even if the song’s subject matter is dark, it’s hard for me not to want to get up and dance around and just forget all the worries and troubles hanging over my head for a little while. This particular song is one that will have me bouncing in my seat or dancing around when I hear it–And I LOVE The Slackers anyway…One of the few bands (besides maybe The Aggrolites) I would still travel to see, in the event they ever came within a day’s drive of my little prairie town.

And after yesterday, I needed something happy, something fun to lift my spirits. We went to Jay’s parents’ for Sunday dinner, as usual. As soon as he finished eating his lunch, my father-in-law told Jay he wanted to see him outside. I thought nothing of it–My FIL is a slightly eccentric math professor, and he’s got his little quirks. About 15 minutes later, Jay did the same thing–Told me he wanted to talk to me outside, and proceeded to show me the flat tire on the rear of the car. It’s probably wise that he took me outside to tell me, as my first reaction was to drop an F-bomb. We ended up having to use my FIL’s AAA service in order to get the “donut” put on the car–Jay couldn’t get the lug nuts loosened because they were on too tight. And thankfully we’re getting some help with new tires, because we just don’t have the extra right now. I guess, too, I should be grateful. The last time this happened to me, it was Labor Day weekend, 3 days after I moved to South Dakota, I didn’t know a soul other than Jay, my cell phone was dead, and while I was waiting for help (and Jay), three different SD State Troopers passed me without offering to help. I did get offers of help from two different regular people, but I was still in “You’re-a-city-girl-do-not-trust-help-from-strangers” mode. Better that the flat happened in my in-laws’ driveway this time around.

Still, it just feeds into my whole notion that if something like this is going to happen to someone, it will be me. Which, I know, I’m not the first person in the history of the world to get a flat tire…It just came at an incredibly inconvenient time, and it didn’t help my mood this weekend.

I took a vacation day today, which was a good thing. Right away after dropping the bambino off at daycare, I ventured over to a tire place downtown. They had to order the tires but they’ll be in tomorrow, so in the afternoon, I’ll use one of my breaks and drop the car off–Luckily it’s about a 5-minute walk from work.

In the meantime, I did a lot around the house I’ve been putting off for ages–Like changing the bedding, finishing up the laundry, etc. I also did some cooking.

Crock-pot pulled pork (A lighter version, made with pork tenderloin, instead of pork shoulder).

Baked French fries. That Taste of Home cookbook from my mom is a goldmine, I tell ya! I wanted quasi-junk food and I wanted it to be easy. I slept horribly last night, I think partially due to it being so friggin’ hot yesterday, the slight sunburn I got on my arms, and the allergens I inhaled in the 20 minutes I tried to finish up the hedge. I wish the fries had been a little crisper. I think the cooking time was fine–I would’ve cooked them at 400°F, rather than 375°F. But I did like that the recipe called for soaking the fries for an hour before–To leach some of the starch, I assume, and help them crisp up a bit.

For dessert, we polished off the rest of the ice cream:

I really didn’t need that…Especially since I have a weigh-in tomorrow. But my plan is to go to bed around 9, and get up tomorrow to resume The 30-Day Shred. I skipped it over the weekend, but I’m pretty sure the 150 minutes I spent trimming that damn hedge on Saturday and Sunday more than made up for it!

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