“Do you wonder what it’s like living in a permanent imagination?”

This week really needs to hurry up and be done. Or I need to disappear to an island. Alone. Although Abby and I discussed last week when she was having a week like I am now, and we would both disappear and we would just enjoy the silence. Along with some adult beverages. I hadn’t planned on it since I had Monday off, but I ended up leaving work early Friday afternoon, to get a little bit of grocery shopping out of the way, as well as get the kitchen and bathroom cleaned up (they are the worst and the rooms I put off as long as possible). I managed to get most of it done in the 2 hours I had before picking up Jay and the bambino, who helped finish the job.

That night we ended up ordering George’s for dinner. Jay’s stressed, I’m stressed, and I think we just needed to crash. Last night, we ended up having dinner with his grandparents and parents (his grandparents were the company we thought would be coming over yesterday). We’ll be going back over there for lunch today, so I’ll fix something on the lighter side for dinner tonight (I’m thinking just some grilled cheese paninis and maybe some fruit or some sort of veg). But I saw this beauty on Iowa Girl Eats’ Friday Favorites this week, and I knew I had to make it. The baguette I picked up at Buttercrust on Friday afternoon was just perfect for it.

I obviously have a thing for baked French toast lately. But that’s okay. At least last night, I remembered before 10pm to prep everything and have it soaking up custard in the fridge.

The caramel/sugar crust put it over the top. There was no need for syrup, although I was tempted to pour more cream over it, just because I thought it would be über-decadent, but instead, I whipped up a bit of cream, and served it with some berries on the side.

It was delicious. I’m so excited for leftovers! I do think though, next time I make it, I’m either going to cube the bread, or layer them a bit differently, so more of the custard soaks into all the slices. I’m also going to toss pecans in with the sugar crust.

I have to figure out what to do with all these:

My stickers from PrintRunner.com arrived yesterday! I have 249 of them to do something with…I just don’t know what yet!

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4 Replies to ““Do you wonder what it’s like living in a permanent imagination?””

    • That’s not a bad idea…It’s too bad they’re not more like address labels, though! I was thinking for yours, you should make book plates or something out of them.

    • Yes you do! The “sugar crust” turns into a delicious caramel-like sauce when it bakes that just puts it over the top–I was double-dipping and just scooping out some of the extra, once everyone else was done eating! :)