Monday: A Tale of Pancakes and Sausage

Each month, there’s a Brookings School Board meeting that Jay has to go and cover. For whatever reason, they start the meetings at 6 PM, which means he picks me up, we rush home so he can scarf some food, and around 5:40, he heads out. For however long now, the bambino and I have made those nights our “Pancakes and Sausage” nights. I don’t remember when it started–I think honestly, he was still in his high chair, but he gets really excited whenever it’s Pancake and Sausage night. He also usually winds up watching the movie “Dinosaur,” although because Jay worked last Tuesday night, he’s already seen it recently.

This week is not exactly starting out on a good note…Everything was going as well as a Monday can, until 3:45, when I got a call from the bambino’s daycare…He claimed he had swallowed a rock, and it was stuck in his throat. I spent about 10 minutes on the phone with the daycare director, trying to decide what to do, and another 10 minutes on the phone with Ask-A-Nurse. In the end, we opted for the wait-and-see approach, since he could eat and drink just fine, wasn’t gagging, vomiting, and could still breathe. If he develops abdominal pain or worse (and to spare you all, I won’t go into worse, but I’m sure you can figure where this is going), then we’ll venture off to the ER.

Once we got home, I got to work on dinner:

The bambino asked me to get out the Flip-It Pan again. I didn’t do anything differently to the pancake batter, other than letting the bambino stir it, but these were seriously fluffy inside and crisp on the outside.

I didn’t quite get enough batter on that one, obviously.

It was still really good, though!

Jay got back earlier than expected from the school board meeting, and I think now, I’m going to make myself a healthy snack! Good night!

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2 Replies to “Monday: A Tale of Pancakes and Sausage”

  1. Praying your bambino will pass the rock without incident. My youngest swallowed a straight pin last year, and it took almost a week for it to pass. We wouldn’t have even known he swallowed it, except it showed up as a foreign object during a bladder scan for an unrelated issue. Several x-rays later, and a lot of hours spent worrying, and it came out just fine. I hope your bambino passes his rock okay!

    • Thanks Stacie. My biggest fear is that he swallowed something jagged that’s going to seriously mess him up inside. I think maybe after tomorrow, I’ll rest easier! :)

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