Tuesday’s Eats: Caprese Chicken and Chocolate Lava Cakes

I was going to skip posting this evening, which I usually do on Tuesdays but I actually was in the mood to cook and take pictures. I needed to get myself back on track, so to speak, as I had a craptastic weigh-in today. I’ve basically paid Weight Watchers $120 over the last three months, and I’ve only really lost 2 pounds (I’m yo-yo-ing). The worst of it is, I have no one to blame but myself. Thankfully, though, we’re continuing the at-work sessions as long as 12 of us show up, so I have an opportunity to redeem myself. As such, I made dinner.

Open-Faced Chicken Caprese Sandwiches, courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats. I didn’t have a baguette so I just used regular bread:

And as you’ll no doubt notice, I can’t cut a straight line to save my life.

Oh well. I will say, IGE mentions in her recipe, you want to use a hearty bread, and I will second that. My country white didn’t really hold up as well as I’d’ve liked.

All that melty mozzarella more than made up for the soggy bread!

Random weirdness about me: I will not eat raw tomatoes, unless it’s in a Caprese Salad. I don’t know why–I’m not really even that fond of fresh basil, and I don’t think the fact that there’s cheese makes that much of a difference…But any other time, my tomatoes have to be cooked.

After dinner I went in search of something to make for dessert. I’ve been craving chocolate like mad lately, and I’ve been looking for something fudgy or gooey. I wanted brownies, but I haven’t been able to find anything that I’ve HAD to make. And I’m out of vanilla, so that limited my options, too.

Enter Molten Chocolate Cake. Six ingredients–Seven if you count the Cool Whip, which I didn’t really, because I didn’t have any. I whipped up some cream instead. It hit the spot, and it took all of 20 minutes from start to finish to make!

And with that, I need to go and ready the coffee maker for tomorrow, and get myself to bed!

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  1. I do the same thing – I can’t eat raw tomatoes unless partnered with basil and mozzarella. I guess I can handle a good fresh salsa, too. That looks really tasty!

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