Everyday Food and an Experiment

I went grocery shopping yesterday morning with the bambino…After I got my latest issue of Everyday Food, and after my week of non-stop junky eating, I took note of a feature they offer each month. It’s called “Grocery Bag,” and they give you recipes for five meals, and a shopping list for all the items you need to make the meals. I realized I had eaten WAY too much junk when I looked at a recipe for Thai stir-fry beef (not part of the Grocery Bag feature) and I started drooling at how good it looked! With some additions for last night’s meal, as well as a bunch of produce that Hy-Vee had on sale, I used the tear-out list from the magazine:

I know, it’s kind of sad that my house has never before seen that many vegetables in one grocery shopping trip before.

Fruit. It doesn’t seem like a lot, until you look at the strawberries:

Four pounds. I really had no idea what I was going to do with all of them, until I came across this recipe from Driscoll’s that I decided would be awesome for breakfast. And while I know Jay could easily eat both pineapple in one sitting, I thought one (or half of one) would be good for juicing with some of the berries. The bambino asked for Strawberry-Pineapple juice awhile ago, and it was surprisingly good. So I thought we could do that again.

The meat. The list called for skirt steaks (I will be making the Thai stir-fry at some point), but Hy-Vee didn’t have any. So I had to get flank steak and sirloin instead. No big deal, really.

The miscellaneous. All in all, I don’t necessarily think I’ll be doing the “Grocery Bag” all that often…I spent about $75, just at Hy-Vee. That didn’t include the $15 I spent on bread at Buttercrust, nor the $25 I spent at Barf-Mart, for things Hy-Vee didn’t have. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how the meals all turn out. If I like them all enough, maybe it’ll be worth adding them all to the rotation or something. And I’ll make it a point to blog the meals and the recipes this week. They’re not going to be in the order the magazine calls for, but it’s good, because my meal planning is already taken care of for me!

And with that, my stomach is rumbling, so I think I’m going to get to work on slicing up a crap-ton of fruit and getting breakfast (and some laundry) underway!


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