“Now I’m ready to close my eyes…”

It seems pathetic to say that I’m done with this week, when I worked two days, had a day off, worked two more days, and now have a full two-day weekend. But while I’m happy to take full advantage of any and all goverment/bank holidays, they really do throw a monkey wrench into our routines. The bambino seems to be handling it best of all–Jay and I are both drained and borderline crabby.

After making tonight’s dinner:

(that would be a sausage pizza) I got started on my grocery list. I’m spending no more than $50, but lately, I can’t seem to go a weekend without some baking project(s) to tackle. This weekend, not only do I want to make bread, but I also want to make chocolate éclairs. With pastry cream. Because I have delusions of grandeur when it comes to baking and I do enjoy a culinary challenge. The pathetic thing is, it’s not even going to be the choux pastry or the chocolate ganache that will be the challenge–I’ve made choux pastry and ganache before, so I’m not worried about that. No, it’s the pastry cream, and getting that smoothly lump-free that will be the pain in me arse. I’m not going to tackle them until Sunday, so we’ll see how it goes.

It’s geeky of me, but I really enjoy being in the kitchen. Especially when baking (cooking is still fun, but slightly less so). Last weekend, when I had Friday off, and made the Oreos, it was really fun being in the kitchen by myself, zoning out with my music blaring and the cookies baking. When I asked around at work if a couple people wanted any éclairs if I did make them, one of my coworkers asked me if I ever took a break from the kitchen. I do, but it’s more a break from cooking than it is from baking. And that’s when I tend to have those streaks where we eat crap or order from George’s all week long, but have plenty for dessert!

In the mean time, I also need to work on a menu for the rest of the week, before I go shopping. That would probably help with the budget. That and I should go check and see what all we already have in the pantry and freezer! I’m hoping I can get away with sticking to my $50 budget. Time to go dig through the cookbooks!

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    • Very carefully. That’s just the money I allot for the grocery store. I usually allow another $10-15 to buy milk & peanut butter at Buttercrust Bakery. I try to plan out meals and whatever I’m going to bake before I go–That way I’m hopefully not tempted to buy extra stuff!

  1. Your blog is very important to people living on a budget.Can you at some point put up what you buy say for a week.I think you can make that dollar stretch and help people thanks for all you do Moses.

  2. can you post some time what you buy on a budget for 50 bucks as it would hep a lot of people who are trying to get by in these times thanks alot.

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