Alligators, Art and Root Beer Floats

Ah, the Brookings Summer Arts Festival. I look forward to it each year, but not so much for the art as I do the festival/fair food. Which is absolutely horrible for you, but OH so good. This year, for the first time since I’ve been living in South Dakota, I finally bought myself a funnel cake.

I didn’t really go overboard with the food, because also for the first time ever, we’re going tomorrow too–My brother-in-law Greg has to work today, but he’d like to go, primarily for this:

The Gator booth. The bambino was also especially excited about it…This is the third year the guy has been here, and the third year my child has requested we get food from here. The guy had a new feature this year:

Alligator legs. Which I suspect Jay and/or Greg will probably be sampling tomorrow. Today, though, Jay and the bambino shared the sampler basket:

I was offered the fries, but yes, I was skeeved enough about them touching the frogs legs and alligator chunks that I passed (I know it’s babyish of me, but sometimes I have issues with food touching other foods).

We didn’t stick around too long–Mainly because it’s hot as Hades outside. And since we’re going back tomorrow, there wasn’t a mad rush for us to cram tons of food down our gullets before we left for the day. Tomorrow, I’ll get my sandwich from Hegerfeld, and possibly another shake from the Brookings Youth Mentoring (I think they were working in conjunction with the Midwest Dairy Association). There was a pretend cow waiting to be milked at their booth:

I love how my kid never looks squarely at the camera when I’m trying to take his picture. We came home with a couple things. Jay decided I needed a new coffee mug, so he bought me this:

I wanted a pirate-themed mug, but the bambino decided I should have one with a turtle on it, so that’s what I got. He also had a good suggestion for a snack for later that will use this:

If we manage to drain that bottle before we head back tomorrow, we can have it refilled for three bucks. Same if we bring it back next summer.

Now that I’m feeling somewhat human again, I think I’m going to finish up Mockingjay (finally) before I get started on the laundry!

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