“Owner of this corner and not much more…”

It’s hot today. Really hot.

Which is probably why I’m feeling so drained and lazy. And sometimes, that’s not a good thing. If I have too much time on my hands, I tend to go all moody and introspective, which generally leads to me feeling horrid about myself.


Exactly. I happened to find the Trashcan Sinatras video on another such day, and burst into tears recalling my angsty teen years (because that song is that old, and I was in high school when it came out), and still feeling like the outsider looking in. Funny how much things stay the same no matter how old you get.

But rather than wallow all day, I decided to get to work on a kitchen project. Dinner, that is. Jay wanted to veg for part of the afternoon (especially after I reminded him he has to go into work early tomorrow), so we got junk food for lunch, and I decided dinner was going to be lighter and healthier. Enter Fried Tomatoes and Scrambled Eggs with Rice.

I found both recipes in the old Betty Crocker cookbook the bambino picked out for my birthday present two years ago. I had picked up tomatoes last week at the store, and then never got around to making the fried tomatoes. As such, when I took a look at them this afternoon, they’d gone a bit moldy, so off to the grocery store I went. I do understand, though, why the original recipe calls for firm tomatoes, as these got a bit mushy while cooking.

But you’ll have that sometimes. I was shocked when Jay said I could make this again…Usually he doesn’t say that about meals without meat in them! I thought the eggs were pretty good as well:

And they smelled really good while cooking. It was a filling-enough meal…That maybe I won’t go back for the last of the pie later tonight. But we’ll see how munchy I get later on!

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