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I’m going to be the first to admit, I’m not the best when it comes to recipe development. I’m more suited to adapting things to suit my tastes. Or baking, because for the most part, you have to follow a recipe, otherwise your baked goods generally don’t turn out well! I spent this morning working on a couple recipes for a project, and let me just say, it’s more difficult than you might imagine! But in a way, it’s also kind of fun. One recipe I’m going to take into work tomorrow–I have a couple people who are willing to be guinea pigs and taste-test for me. It’s a bit of a flop at the moment, so if the flavor is good, I’m going to have to re-make it, and see where I went wrong this time. I think I know, but still. It’s frustrating, and it’s the sort of thing that had I not the obligation to complete this project, I would say “Eff this!” and walk away. But I have over a week and a half to get this done, so I think I’ll be in good shape. I hope anyway!

In the meantime, since I was in full-on cooking mode, I decided I wanted to make something a little more up my alley:

Freezer Sweet Corn.

We had a cookbook published at work a couple years ago, and Diana had submitted this recipe. Now that the bank’s bringing in the sweet corn again, I thought I’d give it a try. It’s the sort of thing I needed to do to reassure my sometimes-fragile ego that “Yes, silly Rachel, you can still bake and have things turn out just fine.” I know, it’s pathetic. I do that a lot. I muck up something that I feel should be second-nature to me, and immediately start questioning my self-worth, and start bashing myself for being a horrible human being. Ridiculous. Me, that is, not the sweet corn.

I ended up quartering the recipe, just because I wasn’t sure I had enough sweet corn–And I didn’t. I had 10 ears that netted me 4 cups of corn, once I cut it off the cob. Still not quite a fourth of the recipe, but I didn’t care. I just needed to do something that worked. And man, this is good stuff. Really good. It’d be nice if our own corn was doing this well so I could make it again, but we’ll be lucky if we get enough ears for 2-3 meals out of it this year.

While that cooled, I also got to work on some breakfast for the upcoming week. Breakfast burritos, actually.

Don’t laugh. My burrito-rolling skills are not what they used to be. I’ve said before I need a protein-heavy breakfast to keep me going until lunch. I envy those folks who can have a bowl of cereal and be good until noon. I eat a bowl of cereal at 7, and by 8:30, my stomach’s growling again! I need eggs, or ham or something along those lines to keep me full, at least until break time. I also need something quick, especially on days that I’m working out–In between that, getting myself and the bambino ready, I’m usually grabbing things and running out the door as Jay’s backing the car out of the garage! I tried playing it safer even though I’m using sausage, by using half eggs and half egg whites, as well as 100-calorie tortillas:

And rather than shredded cheese, I used a trick from my old Mickey Dee’s days, and used cheese slices, cut in half.

I added some taco sauce, just because I don’t care for chunky salsas, then rolled them up, and wrapped them in plastic. I’m good to go for all of next week now! I was going to make cookies as well today, but I think I’m done cooking for the day. It might be another George’s night!

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