Cupcakes Galore!

I was really busy this past weekend:

A lot of cupcakes.

And I didn’t bring a single one back home. The ones with the ladybugs were for a baby shower. The extras were for my coworkers, so I didn’t eat them all myself. I made Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting, Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, and Vanilla Bean with Salted Caramel Frosting. Holy crap, were these good! Well, at least the individual parts were. I made the cupcakes on Sunday, then froze them. I made mini cupcakes with any leftover batter, so I tried the cupcake by itself. Last night, I made all the frostings, and it was pretty hard to walk away from both the salted caramel sauce, as well as the frosting, once that was made. Luckily, though, I get to make that whole combo again, as Janean is also having me bake cupcakes for an open house this weekend. I also want to make a chocolate version.

I didn’t bother with cooking dinner tonight…We ended up ordering pizza, just because I haven’t had a chance to pop over to Buttercrust for more milk–Normally not a big deal, but I had some corn and potato chowder I wanted to make last night. Instead we had a ham and potato frittata. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll get my soup and some nice crusty bread to dip in it!

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    • The cakes took me most of Sunday…The icings took about 3 hours, once you factor in the time I had to wash all the mixer parts! It was worth it though. The shower was for my friend’s sister and a few people thought the cakes had come from a real bakery! :)

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  2. Question. You had left over batter but not enough to fill a regular sized cupcake pan. Why did you make minis then? Was it for the even dozen? When I have left over I just make however many cupcakes I can 5-6, etc. is that wrong? Do they not cook right if half your pan is empty? Or is this just a personal preference for you?

    • Personal preference (and so I could keep the even dozen regular ones separate). I don’t like putting 2 or 3 liners in the regular cupcake pan if I can make twice as many minis. That, and it gave Jay & Lex something to snack on, so they’d leave the other cupcakes alone! :)

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