“Can’t believe I go on like this.”

For this entire week, my back has been hurting off and on…It started last Saturday night, although I have NO idea how/when/why I threw it out. Needless to say, I have not been a happy camper for most of the week. And part of me is already on the mini-vacation I’m taking next week (I have time to use or I’ll lose it), so that doesn’t really help.

The thing that I hate about my back flaring up is the fact that whenever it happens, it’s not the pain that pisses me off so much…It’s the lack of mobility, and not being able to do what I need/want to do whenever I need/want to do it. Getting up from a chair takes extra effort, especially if I’ve been sitting for awhile. I haven’t done anything with the Ripped in 30 Days DVD for about 2 weeks now, and that’s driving me crazy, because I’m afraid I’m going to lose what little muscle development I had after completing the 30-Day Shred. At this point, I might as well just start Ripped in 30 all over again, which I might just do. All I can do are my PT exercises, which actually help a lot more than any medications do. I’m going to make SUCH a cranky bat when I get old.

But things need to be done, like the grocery shopping, and Janean’s cupcakes. Because those are needed for Saturday, we went ahead and did the grocery shopping Friday, even though I HATE going to the store Friday nights.

And I managed to stay right on target for my budget. I ended up NOT making the cupcakes Friday night as I planned. For some reason, I felt really weird. Not sick, but mentally off. I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t get motivated, and I felt really stressed as well as depressed and fidgety, and I have NO idea why. I don’t know if it was due to just being in so much pain that was making me all twitchy or what, but I decided I’d get up early and do the cupcakes in the morning. I also ended up taking a muscle relaxer, just because I figured if nothing else, it would calm me a bit, and maybe some decent sleep would help. Except that I didn’t get decent sleep. I was in pain all night, any time I moved, I had to do it very slowly, and while gritting my teeth because my lower back and upper thighs hurt like an MF-er right now. I’ve taken some ibuprofen in the hopes that will at least help the pain, and will continue with the PT exercises, since those seem to help the most. The muscle relaxer, quite frankly, didn’t relax shite, and my lower back still feels like a slab of concrete. Fun!

But since Janean’s already paid me for the cupcakes, I had to follow through and get them made. I doubled the Vanilla Bean Cupcake Recipe, since after trying one the other day, Janean decided she REALLY liked them, and discovered something pleasant. I’d asked Jackie @ The Seaside Baker how many the recipe made. She said she’d gotten two dozen, which, when I made them for the baby shower, was perfect. I was figuring that I’d get four dozen if I just doubled the recipe, but instead, I ended up with five dozen! I was planning on taking a few into work, but I think I’ll be taking more than that, because even though I was going to keep a dozen for myself anyway, we really do not need twenty-four cupcakes hanging around this house all weekend long! It also meant I finally had a reason, a cupcake worthy of using these:

My plaid liners!! I’m such a dork–I bought them close to a year ago, and have been saving them until I could find the perfect cupcake for them. This was it. However, there’s always that one thing that brings disappointment crashing down:

Yeah…The liners separated from some of the cupcakes. Dammit. I shouldn’t complain, though. They’re edible, and they’ll be even better once I frost them! Janean’s turned out well too (without any liner-cake separation either):

That’s some seriously pink frosting.

It’s really delicious, though. I have a whole lot of pink salted caramel frosting I don’t really know what to do with now, though!

After we got home, I cleaned up more of my baking mess (I’ll be baking some bread tomorrow, as well as some cookies), then got to work on dinner:

Taco Pasta Bake, courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats.

As usual, I changed things up a little from her recipe–I only used half a pound of ground beef and left out the green chilis because I didn’t have any. I also had to leave out the corn because I didn’t have any of that that wasn’t Freezer Sweet Corn or microwave corn. It was good enough, though!

I think I’m completely cupcaked out now…If I bake tomorrow, it’ll be cookies…Maybe brownies. I suddenly have an idea for all that pink frosting I have left!

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6 Replies to ““Can’t believe I go on like this.””

  1. So sorry to hear about your back. I injured my back many years ago and it’s sensitive. Sometimes it can go out for no reason so I truly feel your pain … Hope you’re feeling better soon :-)

    • Thank you. Mine’s from an injury about 7 years ago, and roughly once a year, it seems to flare up. Not that it doesn’t hurt, but it’s more irritating than anything else!

    • As long as I keep doing the PT, I should (hopefully) be back to normal in another week or so. And thank you for the compliment on the cupcakes! :)

  2. never join the paratroopers that is a good way to hurt yuor back also.You went over by 13 cents how do you explain that, by the way cupcakes look good.

    • My dad says the same thing about the Marine Corps (that’s how he hurt his back). As for the 13 cents, I either don’t count it, or blame it on the food tax. :) If we didn’t have it, I’d’ve actually been under-budget!

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