Sunday’s Supper: Chicken, Pasta, Beans and Brownies

In light of the fact that a stupid disc in my stupid spine is pushing on my stupid spinal cord and making it impossible for me to do any real exercise, I decided that if I’m going to make any progress with Weight Watcher, I at least need to focus on my diet. And despite the scads of cupcakes that have been clogging up my fridge lately, I haven’t been eating too much in the way of sweets. Those (along with anything salty and in chip-form) are usually my downfall. So I started flipping though an old-standby cookbook:

Southern Living’s Light & Easy Comfort Food. The year before I moved out to South Dakota, I’d had a Southern Living catalog party…One of my aunts had a friend or neighbor who was selling it and there was a lot of stuff I really liked and wanted from them. The cookbook ended up being a hostess gift or something, and over the years I’ve found a few recipes that I like to come back to every so often. And I still have several recipes I want to try that I haven’t gotten around to yet! Like Kahlua Cinnamon Brownies. I was going to make those today–I hardly ever have Kahlua around the house, but I have some leftover from the White Russian Cupcakes that hasn’t been consumed yet. But then I remembered I had all that fluffy pink Salted Caramel Frosting left from yesterday, so I decided regular fudgey brownies would be more suited to that.

I know. Me of all people making something with fluffy pink frosting on purpose. Believe it or not, I have my girly moments. There just aren’t that many of them!

But back to dinner…I was in the mood for some steaks and baked potatoes, until we went to Sunday dinner at Jay’s parents’ and we had roast beef, mashed potatoes, and corn. The bambino kept clamoring for steaks and “nut green beans” (green beans amandine). I didn’t really want beef twice in one day, so I asked if chicken and some pasta would be okay instead, along with green beans. He agreed to that, so I just breaded some chicken breasts with panko and Italian seasoning, then fried them in olive oil.

For the pasta, I decided on Cracked Pepper Linguine.

Which, I didn’t actually have cracked pepper for. I used coarse-ground pepper instead. And I didn’t have enough linguine, so I used a mix of whole wheat angel hair and spaghetti. I made a few other changes, as I usually do, but it still worked out okay. Everyone ate it and no one complained, so I don’t think it was that bad…But I would’ve cut back on the pepper…It was a bit much.
Yes, you’ll notice I’ve caved, and with this post, have begun using a recipe plugin. I generally don’t like the look of a huge long post, followed by a huge long recipe…Which is why I usually go to all the work of creating a separate page for my recipes, which I probably will still do. But I’m trying something a little different with formatting and such (and there is a monetary reason behind it as well), so we’ll see how it goes. If I decide I hate it, I can always revert back to my original format of linking to a recipe page. And please, for my 3 readers out there, let me know what you think. Is it helpful, does it clog things up too much, do you even care if I post recipes like this? Any constructive feedback is appreciated, although if you really feel the need to tell me to stuff it, go ahead and do so. I’ll probably just chuckle.

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9 Replies to “Sunday’s Supper: Chicken, Pasta, Beans and Brownies”

    • I was afraid that might be the case. So far, you & Jay really like the new layout. I’ll see if anyone else comments, but I have a feeling I’ll keep it.

  1. I like either one – the recipe on the page or a separate link. But I don’t think it looks cluttered like this.

    • Thanks–That’s exactly what I fear, though. A cluttered-looking blog. I’m thinking it’s going to mean I start focusing on one aspect of my meal–Whatever I’m including the recipe for. We’ll see, though. This is very much a work in progress!

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