Happy Happy Day!

Why so happy? Because for one, I finally, after months and months of submissions and rejections, had a photo accepted on TasteSpotting. I know–Big frakking deal, right? It’s true what other food bloggers say, though. You feel personally rejected, like you’re a horribly awful photographer if they (or FoodGawker) rejects you, but you’re over the moon if you get accepted. It’s like you’ve finally made it. And that’s where I’m at right now–Feeling validated as a food blogger. Even if FoodGawker and another smaller site rejected the same photo. But I don’t care, because the other reason I’m so giddy is that as of 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, I am on vacation for a couple days! Other than an overdue trip to Sioux Falls, I have no plans for anything else. Except cleaning my house. And some baking projects I’ve been putting off until I could find time.

And make fun of me if you must, but I’m also thrilled after learning that The Wallflowers have a new album coming out in a couple months. I first saw them back in college, when they opened for Chris Isaak, and I had no clue who they were until about 6 months later, when “One Headlight” became popular. Jakob Dylan is beautiful.

Anyway….So I went to Sioux Falls today. I was in dire need of socks, underwear, and some other new clothes. And it’s been long enough since we’ve been down there, I don’t even recall the last time we were there! I made the “mistake” of stopping by World Market on my way back to Brookings, and picked up a few things that I totally didn’t need:

I do have plans for those. The bambino’s daycare was supposed to have a picnic tomorrow night, but only about 4 families signed up to come and bring anything, so they decided to cancel it. That can will be turned into some pasta sauce, since I hadn’t planned for dinner. More on that tomorrow, though.

This was the one thing I actually needed from World Market. I have plans this weekend for that stuff (more to come later). Even though I was anti-summer Olympics this year (despite it being held in London) the Anglophile part of me went a little crazy when I saw these:

They are delicious. I’m not ashamed that I’ve already eaten about a third of the bag. I also had to dig into these:

The Custard Creams had my name written all over them, so they have now disappeared as well. I think I’ll either let Jay have the Orange and Coconut Creams, or I’ll take them to work with me when I go back on Monday if he doesn’t want them. I’m sure I can pawn them off on someone! And even though it doesn’t fill me up in the slightest whenever I have it for breakfast, I couldn’t resist this:

The Irish know their oats. I’ve tried two other Irish brands, and they’re SO much better than Quaker Oats (sorry, Quaker). I have high hopes for these too.

I figured I’d get the trip out of the way today, so I could be back home in time to get dinner going in the crock pot:

Chicken Enchilada Casserole.

I do apologize for it looking like puke on a plate. I used a rather thin chip this time–Don’t make the same mistake I did and use cantina-style chips. Use something that won’t turn to mush after 3 hours!
The chips at least were good for scooping up the mush! Now I’m off to figure out what all I’m going to make tomorrow. I think I’ll save cleaning the house for Friday, maybe Saturday!

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    • Ohhh, gotcha. It’s hard for me to take pictures in my kitchen b/c I have such crappy lighting in there. I thought that’s what you were referring to!

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    • I had minor hopes for Lex, since he was born with dark hair, and even though it turned blonde, some of Kendra’s kids started out that way too & ended up with dark hair like hers. But no. It must be all the Scandinavian genes from Jay’s side being in control!

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