“Stand in the place where you were…”

I was listening to some old R.E.M. while baking bread, and when this song popped up, it made me think about the video, which I hadn’t seen in years. It’s such a fun song and it makes me miss both when R.E.M. was good, let alone still a band. Random fact about myself: I cannot do line dances to save my life (except for the Macarena, go figure), and hard as I tried, I could never master the little dance they do in the video. And while earlier, the video was showing in my post, it’s not now, so I took out the link. Oh well.

So anyway, I decided to bake some bread this afternoon. We’ve had some triticale growing that Jay finally harvested and hand-ground into flour:

And while the first loaf I tried to bake with it didn’t exactly turn out that well:

I had better hopes for this one (I wonder if I should’ve added some vital wheat gluten or something). I used a recipe from the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking cookbook that Melissa had given me awhile ago (very similar to this one I got from their website), but subbed one cup of triticale flour for the white whole wheat I used.

It’s edible, at least! I popped over to Buttercrust this morning, because we needed milk, and I wanted some bread to go along with the pasta I was making tonight. I got a loaf of ciabatta, as well as this delicious treat:

I could’ve eaten a pastry twice that size! It was just enough, though. A nice mid-morning snack, since all I had for breakfast was some yogurt. I was saving room for pasta though, and planned to make a sauce with the Italian tomatoes I bought yesterday. I get daily emails from Food & Wine magazine, and a couple weeks ago, got one featuring a 10-minute tomato sauce. I thought I’d give it a try some evening, figuring it’d be one of those recipes that would go on the back-burner as so many do. After I bought those tomatoes, I figured they’d be perfect for the sauce!

This is nice, because it cooks in the same amount of time it takes to cook pasta.

I will say, that since I don’t have a food processor and used my blender, if you go that route, don’t let the tomatoes go for too long. I used the “chop” function, but I let it go for close to 30 seconds, and ended up with tomato purée. I might’ve been better off using kitchen shears to cut up the tomatoes in the can. Still, it had good flavor and I liked it. Jay’s only complaint was that there was no meat in it, but going without meat once in awhile won’t kill him!

I’ve been asked to bake again this weekend–More cupcakes for a tour a friend is doing of her house, for relatives of the person who built it. That’s kind of cool, and I don’t mind! I think I’ll maybe work on the laundry and clean the house tomorrow morning, and bake in the evening. That way, the cupcakes will be all set for Saturday morning! In the mean time, I’m going to zone out in front of the TV for a little while before bed. Have a good evening!

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