An Unintentionally Meatless Monday

I hate Mondays. I was in a fine mood today–I not only got another photo accepted on TasteSpotting, but I finally broke through on Food Gawker! But I got crabby as the day wore on, and was at the point where I was tempted to go out to eat–So I could eat my feelings, because that’s what I do sometimes. But I have my reasons for wanting to save money, so we came home, and I quick scanned though a couple cookbooks for something to make. I have a lot of leftover pasta that I wanted to do something with, but then I came across a recipe for something called Budino di Patate.

It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I had all the ingredients on hand, so I quick whipped it up–with the help of some instant potatoes. I didn’t want to wait for the real ones to cook up.

The only thing that would’ve made it a lot better would’ve been some crusty bread. I guess I could’ve had a salad as well, but I would’ve been the only one eating it!

Still, it was pretty tasty. Cheesy, potatoey, carby goodness. Exactly what I needed today. It was either that or a pan of brownies, and I did have to feed Jay and the bambino too. There are a lot of leftovers, which maybe I’ll turn into potato pancakes at some point this week.

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7 Replies to “An Unintentionally Meatless Monday”

    • It’s perfect for those days when you just want to curl up on the couch with a bowl of mashed potatoes for dinner. Or maybe I’m the only one who does that! ;)

  1. That look scrumptious. I love potatoes any way, shape or form.. But I’m especially partial to them mashed. There wouldn’t be any leftover if they were at my place. MMMM..

    And ginormous congrats to you for the tastespotting and foodgawker photos. That’s awesome!!!

    • Tomorrow night I’m going to make the leftovers into potato pancakes–Normally there aren’t leftovers when it comes to me & mashed potatoes either!

      And thanks–I feel like I’m getting a little better with my photography! :)

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