Frosty Friday

I hate snow. I know, we’ve been lucky (again) this winter. A dusting back in October, and about 3 inches today. Another 1-2 inches tomorrow. Bah! But I know, it could be worse. It’s still relatively warm, all things considered, and at least today, there wasn’t much in the way of wind.

I do have to work in the morning although I’m not scheduled to…I’ve got a lot of stuff to try and get done in the next couple weeks–End of the year stuff and such. Tonight, though, I decided a warm comforting plate of pasta was in order. Earlier this week, I popped over to the store and picked up a few things, pasta and tomatoes being a couple:

I decided I wanted to make The Sauce. The simplest, best-tasting pasta sauce ever. Three little ingredients: whole, peeled tomatoes, an onion, and five tablespoons of butter. Put it all in a pan, crush the tomatoes with a wooden spoon, and simmer for 45 minutes.

So so so good. I’ve made this with regular canned tomatoes before, but these Jovial tomatoes were light years better than any others I’ve tried. I couldn’t believe how much better the sauce was this time around.

To go with the pasta and sauce, I tried my hand at piadina.

I cut the recipe in half, because I didn’t want to be cooking flatbread all evening. But something was a little off. My dough didn’t rise as much as it should’ve, it was too sticky and wet and I also don’t think I quite cooked them long enough.

They did taste a little pretzel-like, but when I try them again, I might use a different recipe.

At least the pasta was good!

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