“It’s time I had some time alone…”

I told Jay a few days ago that if I thought the world really was going to end today, I probably would be that jerk who goes around either telling everyone what I really think of them, or I’d just try to cram as much as I could into my last final hours on the planet. Since it’s now 12-21-12, and we’re all still here, I’ll settle for a celebratory dinner with my family.

When we were off on Wednesday, Jay picked up some fun sparkling wine:


In looking at the bottle, it says “malt beverage” but whatever. I got taken in by the fact that the flavor is “Whipped,” which I assumed to mean it would taste like whipped cream or adult cream soda. Bubbly and vanilla-creamy. Yum!

I also cooked a couple of the monster-sized steaks Karyn had given me a couple weeks ago.I’m a purist when it comes to steaks…Jay and his family all like steak sauce on theirs, but I am of the school that says a decent steak needs no more seasoning than some olive oil, salt and pepper. Bearnaise is good on occasion, but that’s more a luxury than a necessity.

These things were HUGE:


Usually I split a steak with the bambino, but even doing that, we STILL had a lot of meat! For sides, I just did a salad, and potatoes. Iowa Girl Eats featured these the other day, but I’d been wanting to try Crock-pot Baked Potatoes for awhile now. I like the idea of having baked potatoes without tying up the oven (which I needed for broiling the steaks) or having to rely on my not-so-great toaster oven. If I cook potatoes in there, I need at least 2 hours, and the chances are good that they still won’t be cooked all the way through! However, I ran into a couple snafus…For one, I don’t have a timer on my crock pot. For another, I had just enough foil that I couldn’t completely wrap all the potatoes…Something I neglected to realize until AFTER I’d poked holes in them. So after work, we popped out to the store (I needed some meds anyway, as I’m fighting a throat cold), where I picked up this:


It’s a little taste of home. And lord knows, I could use it right now. All things considered, I’m doing better this year than I have in Christmases past. Tomorrow, we’ll do Christmas with Jay’s family, which should be fun. In the meantime, though, I’m going to just rest, and hope that whatever I’ve got doesn’t last too long. It’s been ages since I’ve been sick on Christmas!

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