Family Breakfast Project and #Cheerios

I’ve heard since I was a kid, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And while I know there are a fair number of people who aren’t hungry right away when they wake up each morning, by about 10 a.m., they’re probably pretty hungry. I can’t eat right away when I get up, thanks to my thyroid medication–I have to wait at least 30 minutes, preferably an hour before I have breakfast. So, I take my meds, drink some coffee, surf the internet, get myself ready for work, wake Jay and the bambino, then settle in for something to eat. Most of the time it’s just the bambino and I, but Jay has been joining us more frequently, which is good.

Cheerios (cereal I’ve eaten off and on since I was a kid myself) has partnered with the Family Dinner Project to create the Family Breakfast Project, and is encouraging families to take seven minutes for seven days to sit down together and have breakfast.

Breakfast-is-more-than-a-mealTo help kick off the program, Cheerios was kind enough to send me a few goodies:

Family Breakfast GoodiesNot pictured is the box of Cheerios that was also included, but that’s because I used the bulk of it to make these:

Breakfast CookiesBreakfast Cookies! I’ll post the recipe later this week, but they are tasty!

Breakfast CookiesI was also given a guide with ideas and tips to make breakfast together more fun. Breakfast is a way for you to connect with your family and included in the guide are conversation starters as well as fun activities to test out all week long. There are also suggestions for prepping your pantry and fridge to make breakfast easier to put together each morning.

Visit the Family Breakfast Project for more ideas and to get information on how you can get your family gathered ’round the breakfast table! You can also visit the Cheerios website or follow Cheerios on Facebook.

DISCLOSURE: I was provided information and supplies from General Mills and Cheerios through the Platefull Co-op. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    • They’re good enough Lex is snacking on his 2nd one of the day! And I think it’s important for him (and Jay) to get into the habit of eating breakfast every morning.

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