#REVIEW: Bear Naked Granola

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Bear Naked Granola

About a month ago, I was contact by the folks at Bear Naked Granola, who asked if I was interested in trying a sample of their customized blend, which I could create on my own. I said sure, and went to the website to see what my options were.

You can choose from already-created chef’s blends, like Chocolate Strawberry Jalapeño, or Olive You, Kale. Or you can do what I did, and create your own:

Bear Naked Granola

 (I know, my name’s not exactly original or anything)

I started with my base granola–You have a choice of three, and I went with chocolate. Then you choose three additional ingredients. You have a LOT of options here. As in it was almost sensory-overload trying to narrow down what I wanted. In the end, I chose freeze-dried strawberries, cinnamon, and almonds.

You also get to choose which bear character graces the front of your canister. I chose Earnest the Hipster Bear. Bear Naked Granola offers free shipping on every order, and it arrived very quickly. I think I had it within two or three days of placing my order. It arrived in a very fun box:

Bear Naked Granola

(Excuse my messy desk in the background)

Since it arrived, I’ve been eating it on top of yogurt or eating it as cereal with milk. I’m looking forward to trying a different mix the next time I order, since there are so many options!

Bear Naked Granola

And if you’d like to try your own granola blend, Bear Naked is offer you 10% off your order. Just use the code READ007. Would you choose a savory blend, or would you try something more traditional?

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a free batch of granola by Bear Naked. No other compensation has been provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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