An Update on My Absence

I’ve been a little absent lately, from work, from social media (for the most part), from the blog…And with good reason. My dad’s been back in the hospital again. And not that the other times have been that good, but this time, it’s particularly bad. Long story short, he’s been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, which is a very aggressive cancer. Due to the fact that he also has heart and lung issues (right as I left the bank back in 2015, he had a heart attack, and he also has COPD and emphysema), he initially wasn’t strong enough to start treatment – A less-aggressive type of chemotherapy. The bambino and I flew to Ohio and spent last week visiting with him, in case this was our last chance. My uncle came up from Atlanta for the same reason. My dad did start treatment, though, as his breathing was not getting better, and the doctors thought the leukemia might be the main culprit in his lung functions being so low.

As of my writing this, he continues to slowly improve, though he’s not out of the woods yet. We won’t really know until several weeks after the treatment is completed (which will be at some point this week) if it made a difference and bought him more time or not. At the very least, I am pretty certain that when we go back to Ohio next month (a trip that was planned months ago), he’ll still be around.

I know Death comes for us all eventually, and it can strike at any time…And I have plenty of friends and family who have already lost parents. But it’s hard. And it’s scary. I’m in my early 40’s, but I don’t feel ready for this yet. I know, no one is ever ready. Luckily, I don’t think my dad’s quite ready to shuffle off either, and the will to live is a huge part of the fight against something like cancer.

I’m hoping that maybe he’s got another miracle in him and he’ll come back from the brink as he has quite a few times before. But it’s not up to me, so I plan to enjoy whatever time I have left with my dad. In the meantime, I’ll be back next week with recipes (Get ready for #CookoutWeek 2017!). Thanks for your patience!

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