Wednesday Rambles

Blue Sky and Clouds

I have to say, I’m glad that this is my view now when I leave work in the evenings. No more darkness, and no more snow (I hope!). 

That was one downside to the ten-hour days. In winter, I’d get to work while it was dark. And by the time I left for the day, it was dark again.

It was rough. And it didn’t help my SAD either. It has been a little hard to distinguish between seasonal depression, and just grieving. 

But enough of that. It’s been sunny and bright and warm, and in a couple weeks, I won’t have to do the ten-hour shifts anymore. I’m moving back to a traditional eight-hour, five-day workweek. 

UPS Mailing

So, thanks to my cold last week, I did not make my trip to Minneapolis, and I didn’t get to see Tommy Stinson and The Lemonheads. It was a perfect storm of bad luck.

The friend I was meeting there had car trouble, so she wasn’t able to go. The friend who took her extra ticket (we each bought an extra) had stuff come up, so he couldn’t go either. My work BFF was also supposed to go to the Cities to see a podcast, and even she couldn’t go to her event.

We all decided that it was the Universe telling us just to stay home. So I overnighted the tickets (I was their keeper) to the friend who was going to take my extra one, and told him to have a good time. Based on his Facebook live posts, it looked like he did.

I’d been taking it fairly easy because of the cold, and since I stayed home aside from going to work part of the day on Wednesday and doing a half day on Thursday (in anticipation of going to Minneapolis), I spent what energy I had making up a few layouts in my journal.

teal washi tape border camera sticker on journal pages


Teal washi tape border on journal pages with vintage stickers


teal washi tape border on journal pages with vintage stickers


teal washi tape border on journal pages with vintage stickers

I am still trying to use what I have and not continue to buy more stuff. I did purchase a sticker machine not all that long ago, with the intention of using up a lot of the ephemera and other paper scraps I have laying about. It’s been working out a lot better than trying to glue things down (which doesn’t always stick as well as it should).

That being said, I did treat myself to a couple new things from Franklin-Christoph that arrived in today’s mail:

Franklin-Christoph Journal, Inks, and Pen Roll

I already have a large Firma-Flex Journal Notebook, but I wanted to see how the middle size compared. My real reason for ordering was for the Pen Roll.

Seven Pen Roll

Currently I have a Penvelope Six that is full, and houses my favorite fountain pens. But I have a couple less-expensive fountain pens that need homes (I do not have the room on my desk for a pen holder), and I wanted something portable, since I often bring my fountain pens to work with me.

Seven Pen Roll with Pens

It’ll do nicely.

Remember my perfect messenger bag that turned out to be not as perfect as I’d thought? I took my mom’s advice, and contacted Red House about it. They are making a custom strap for me! 

And at no extra charge, even! I offered to pay for a new one, but they said all I need to do is return the one I got with the bag. Which I’m more than happy to do. Talk about some excellent customer service. Thanks for the idea, Ma!

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