Wednesday Rambles

Tree-lined Street and Pride flags

Happy Wednesday! Things around here have been rather quiet, which is kind of nice, given how crazy the last half of May seemed with all our travels.

Of course, we get to do it again next weekend, when we go to Omaha. I’m still looking for coffee shop and restaurant recommendations, so if you have suggestions, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

I think I’m driving Jay and the bambino a little crazy with how excited I am to see The Slackers.

I’ve been listening to them non-stop (in my car) for the past three weeks or so. I borderline stalk their social media accounts (in a non-creepy-just-overly-enthusiastic-fan kind of way, even if I would love for Glen Pine to sing me to sleep every night. He can alternate with Neil Finn.).

I also realized I’ve apparently misplaced/possibly lost my copy of The Boss Harmony Sessions. Dammit.

I can’t really recall when I might’ve had any other opportunity to see The Slackers. Back when third-wave ska was popular in the nineties, there were SO many bands to go and see. And living in both Cincinnati and Columbus, there was always an opportunity to go to a concert.

Of course, most of those shows were the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Back in the day, they seemed to tour all the time, so for something like five years straight, I’d see them every time the came to town.

I saw other bands as well. Like Skavoovie and the Epitones. I have no clue if they’re still around. Apparently The Scofflaws are still playing. I saw them once too.

But for whatever reason, I missed The Slackers (or they just never came close enough to me). I canNOT wait for this show!!! And you’d better believe, I’m bringing my dancing shoes with me. 

Fair warning: I will also blow up your social media with my posting from the show. Especially if they end up playing the two songs I’m hoping to hear. But we shall see.

Toast, scrambled eggs, bacon & hash browns

There hasn’t been much else happening. Work is work. I thought about maybe venturing down to Sioux Falls this coming weekend, but we might just stay home and lay low.

Last Saturday, we had weird weather. The morning was fine. We met Jay’s brother for breakfast, then came home for a bit before Jay and the bambino went off to attend a volunteer session the radio station participated in. 

I stayed home and enjoyed some time to watch some Dateline NBC and journal. Jay and the bambino came home, and then went back out for a bit. Almost as soon as they left, tornado sirens went off.

There was no warning issued (I even Tweeted the National Weather Service out of Sioux Falls, and they took about an hour before they replied to me), and at least in our neighborhood, no rain or hail.

I found out later that it poured on the south end of town. Jay had gone to the bank inside the grocery store, and when he and the bambino left, it was raining. Apparently a police officer had spotted a funnel cloud in that area as well, and called in to have the sirens on.

That funnel cloud never touched the ground though. There was another one later in the day that bypassed Brookings and went south. When that storm was finished we were treated to a very faint rainbow.

Trees, grey sky & faint rainbow

And looking at the weather forecast for the rest of the week, there’s more chances of more rain and storms starting tonight. So I’m even more inclined to skip Sioux Falls this weekend.

After all, I plan to do some serious damage at The Slackers’ merch table next weekend!

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