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It’s been another slowish week. Which is rather nice, considering last week was a weird nightmare of insomnia. I’m not sure if it was leading up to the Solstice, or my brain just decided to short-circuit for awhile.

That, and I was doing a lot of blog work. You may have noticed, I actually published TWO new posts, in addition to this weekly Wednesday thing!

You may have also noticed that one of those posts contained a video. That’s right, I have FINALLY taken the plunge into video-making.

Granted, that first one is nothing special – It’s just a slideshow of a recipe roundup type of thing. But I am both proud of it, and already thinking of ways to streamline the process for next time.

Micro Doughnuts

I started back to the gym this week. Group workouts, first thing in the morning, twice a week. For the next twelve months.

TWELVE MONTHS. Gods help me.

It is time though. I know I’ve been using my dad’s death as an excuse to wallow, and seeing as I’ve already got two strikes against my metabolism (hypothyroidism as well as my age)…it’s time to get things back under control.

Kool Beans Menu

I ran out of coffee at work last week (due to the aforementioned insomnia), and I still haven’t gotten any replacement coffee yet. For about a year, I had been using my dad’s four-cup coffee maker, but I was wasting a lot of coffee.

I do this even when I’m not at work, but I have a bad habit of not finishing my coffee, whether it’s because I let it get cold (and as every coffee drinker knows, cold coffee that was once hot is NASTY), or because I get side-tracked/busy and forget about it.

So I would make a pot, drink a bit, pour in more coffee to warm it back up, drink a bit more, then notice it’s time for lunch, and since noon is my cutoff for drinking caffeinated coffee, I’d have to chuck whatever was still in the pot as well as my cup.

And that was wasting a lot more coffee than I’d’ve liked. So I dug out my old Tassimo brewer, cleaned it up, and took it to work with me.

I noticed when I bought my Nespresso machine that Bed, Bath & Beyond still carries Tassimo pods. That’s when I got the notion to get that out and swap coffee makers.

I also remembered I still had an account on the Tassimo website, so I placed an order there. It took close to THREE weeks to ship (of course, it was only about eight actual business days), and I decided that was unacceptable.

The only problem is, I haven’t been down to Sioux Falls since sometime in May (I think), so I haven’t had the opportunity to hit up B3 and pick up more. I did decide we’ll likely stop on our way back from Omaha, because though I love fancy lattes and such, my budget cannot support it much longer.

In my super-awesome brilliance, I also ran out of Nespresso pods at home, but thankfully, Nespresso is much faster at shipping, so we’ll be restocked later today.

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