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Journal and Espresso

It’s been another relatively quiet week around here. It’s been nice catching up with stuff at home, and not having to hop in the car every weekend.

We will be heading back to Nebraska at the end of the month, so a certain bambino can cash in on his birthday present – Seeing Weird Al in concert. I don’t think it’s fully hit him yet, but I think he’s pretty excited.

The Slackers concert was supposed to be a test run for him, but as I noted after I got back to the hotel room, we’ll actually have seats for Weird Al. And plus, The Slackers was purely for me. Weird Al is definitely more the bambino’s speed.

And yes, I’m still listening to them non-stop. It IS just like after seeing The Replacements, though I never really stopped listening to them. But right now, I can’t get enough Slackers.

I still haven’t found my copy of The Boss Harmony Sessions, though. Dammit.

I did discover The Bishops are coming to Sioux Falls in a couple weeks. I liked them enough I’m pushing to go see them again.

Cream and Black Journal Pages

I’ve been doing a LOT of journaling lately. I made the mistake of falling down the rabbit hole that is, after discovering they carried additional washi tapes and other ephemera in certain collections I’ve come to like. Such as the Gingham Farm Collection pictured above.

(Only the plaid and floral washi tapes are from that collection. The rest are stickers from my Stickii Club subscription.)

Black and Cream Journal Pages

I stayed up rather late last Friday night, just decorating about ten pages, then the next morning, did another ten. And I’ve managed to fill up about three of those pages. I found myself enjoying the process more than actually writing.

That being said, I’ve been spending a lot of time deep in thought lately, and putting pen to paper has helped me process what goes on in my head for over thirty years now. Thirty-five years, to be exact. I calculated it after someone asked about my journaling habits on Instagram.

Not that I distrusted my basic subtraction skills, but I wasn’t convinced that having kept a journal fairly consistently since I was eight actually meant I’ve been doing this for thirty-five years. That’s over three quarters of my life (so far). WOW.

And gods know, I have no intention of ever quitting my journal habit. I have at least twenty-two, if not around twenty-five blank notebooks waiting to be filled.

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