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The Replacements Live at Maxwell’s

I had to run out over my lunch break last week, and left the building to discover the most perfect day we’ve had in awhile here in SoDak. No humidity, a light breeze instead of the usual gale-force winds, and a slightly cloudy but overall sunny day.

I mentioned how much I wanted to skip out of going back to work, roll all my windows down, and crank up The ‘Mats while barreling down the highway.

Of course, I obviously did not do that, or this would be a post all about me being unemployed. But it was exactly the perfect day for a long drive without any destination.

I sometimes feel I’m in the minority, but I do love long-distance drives. Flying is nice because you get to wherever you’re going a lot faster, but you’re also at the mercy of the airlines. 

That is not the case when you hop in your car and set off, on your own time, following your own path. Sometimes the journey itself is more fun than the destination. 

Journal page and fountain pen ink

Jay’s had to work early mornings for the past week and has about another week to go. That means early bedtime for him, and quiet solitude for me.

The problem is, when I am left to my own devices, I tend to stay up far later than I should. So while Jay’s been getting to bed between eight and nine each evening, I’m usually not rolling into bed until midnight or later.

Which is especially awesome, given that I get up at five each weekday morning. Monday was a struggle, as was yesterday and today.

Tomorrow’s not looking good either. Once this post is eventually finished, I’ll probably tuck into my journal for a couple of pages and before I know it, it’ll technically be Thursday morning. 

I know it’s not good to try and get by on so little sleep, but I’ve done it for so long, I know I will either crash tomorrow night, or I’ll spend the day completely loopy. Which is nothing new.

Skybambi Stationery Writer's Kit

We have more back to school shopping to do this weekend. Still no notice on electives from the school, but art supplies that end up not being needed will not go unused in this house.

Still, it’s really frustrating not knowing until the last minute on this stuff. As much as I might procrastinate, I also like to know ahead of time what is required or necessary.

In some respects, I am very much a planner and do not like having my apple cart upset. In other aspects, I do whatever, whenever. 

I feel a little better that my sister-in-law told me they just got class assignments and such about a week ago, and my nephews started school this week. Granted, that’s the Omaha school system and not Brookings, but it makes me feel like I’m not alone.

And I need not worry. Everything will get taken care of in plenty of time. It always does.

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