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Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, I moved to Brookings, South Dakota in 2004 after meeting my husband (Jay) online, back in 1995. I’ve been keeping an online diary and/or blogging since about 1997, although I didn’t focus on food blogging until 2010. I still remember the first batch of chocolate chip cookies I made with some help from my mom when I was 9 (and suffering through chicken pox). I waffle between sticking to local food items and getting abnormally excited when I see new products from the blogosphere finally show up in SoDak stores. I don’t travel nearly as much as I’d like. I love alternative 80’s music, Ska, some punk, The Replacements, everything plaid, Sci-Fi, and most things Star Trek. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and Hashimoto’s Disease. I also have minor obsessions with Brit-coms, political analysis, Watergate and Bob Woodward. I like making lists and copying the occasional “about me” or “getting to know me” memes.

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  1. Oh I can empathize with SAD…although I think mine has gone beyond the seasons at this point. South Dakota? How is the weather there? I’m a Canadian girl – we get it all :)

    • We still get all the seasons, although they all seem to be pretty short-lived…Except winter. I swear it feels like winter lasts 6 months out of the year (and sometimes it does!), and it drives me nuts!

  2. I love that you love ska, and that you’re willing to post this fact on the internet. Also, six-month winters sound terrible for SAD, I feel for you!

    • Oh yes…Ska was my lifeblood when I was in college, and it makes me happy. The six-month winters are indeed brutal out here, and by March, I’m climbing the walls. Vitamin D, ska and wine help (not always all at once!)!

  3. Hey this is the girl from Buttercrust :) its my husband’s and my bakery and you should totally come in to take some photos! I’d love if you did! I’ll totally sneak you a cream horn :)

    • Sneak me a cream horn too! I love those and miss them so much! Now that Buttercrust is no longer, how might someone acquire these tasty treats?!? Or will you give out the recipe?!?

  4. Hi Rachel! Just saw your comment on my Days of Hate blog and wanted to check yours out too! I’m loving the food pictures, because delicious food is something you’ll never see on my blog. Love connecting via GOMI!

    • Thank you for stopping by! Your daily rants are awesome–It’s nice knowing other people are irritated by the same stupid ass clowns as I am! :)

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    • Haha! Next Generation is nearest & dearest to my heart, since that’s what I grew up watching, but I also love the cheesiness of Original Series, and I have a soft spot for Enterprise, even though I know most people hate it.


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