Wednesday Rambles


This week’s rambling nonsense comes to you later than normal thanks to the MF-ing hacker(s) who hacked my Yahoo! Email account, and then tried to use my Amazon account to buy stuff. I spent my breaks at work fending off that nonsense, and trying not to lose my sh*t about it.

What cracked me up (and thoroughly pissed me off) was after having cleaned out most of the old payment methods in my Amazon account, I left one card in there – I get notifications on that card any time it’s used, so I figured that would be okay.

Haha, silly Rachel. Within about ten minutes, there was an attempted charge on that card too. Sons of bitches. 

Needless to say, I have new passwords and security notifications and frozen cards and such. And that’s how I’ve been spending my Wednesday, in between online chats and phone calls to various banks. How’s your day been?

Hegerfeld Booth

We celebrated Jay’s birthday over the weekend. We went to the Brookings Summer Arts Festival in the morning, then spent the rest of the day down in Sioux Falls. It was fun, though birthdays are always sort of maudlin for both Jay and I. 

Old cancelled checks

Things are still quiet around here. Part of it has been the ungodly heat. I know it’s been ridiculous almost everywhere, but it’s just gross when you walk outside and almost immediately feel like you need to shower and reapply deodorant.

I think by the weekend it’s supposed to cool off somewhat. And by cool off, I mean it’ll be back in the upper 80s, rather than the upper 90s (with a triple-digit heat index).

I am tired of the storms and the rain and the ever-oppressive humidity. I know I gripe about winter all the time, but as I have pointed out many other times, I hate summer just as much. I do not deal well with either extreme in temperatures.

Stickers and Stationery

I’m having a gum biopsy tomorrow afternoon. Should be GREAT fun. I don’t get to eat anything after 6am. 

I have already warned my coworkers that anything I say will be out of hanger and caffeine withdrawal. I will get up early to scarf as much as I can before the cutoff time. I also have to guzzle as much coffee as possible.

It’s going to be a long five hours at work. Wish me luck.