"But you, you always lose…"

I’d made reservations at George’s for last night, since they were doing a Valentine’s Day dinner special. 2 Ribeyes, baked potatoes, salad bar, & dessert for $30. The bambino either would’ve had a sausage pizza, or 1/2 my steak. It was supposed to be a nice family dinner out, something we’re really trying to cut back on, since we’ve had this string of craptacular things that keep happening to us, and will eventually wind up costing us a bunch of money.

But like all things lately, it was too good to be true. I’d spent the day baking, got the laundry done by 2, and was ready to go by about 3:30. Saturday night brought us yet more snow, enough that Jay had to go and shovel the driveway before we left for dinner. He also took it upon himself to knock down some of the larger and potentially more dangerous icicles hanging off the roof. His reward for trying to avert disaster was a rather painful-looking and bloody gash above one of his eyebrows.

We decided to go ahead with our dinner plans–Kind of like the time before last when I had another bout with a very similar stomach virus that came on quickly and left me laying on the bathroom floor, although that time didn’t result in me taking a ride to the ER. I didn’t hyperventilate, so my hands didn’t clench up and my blood pressure didn’t drop dangerously low…I just spent the night huddled next to the toilet with a bucket by my side. But we’d tried going out to dinner at a nicer restaurant in town that evening, and I wound up almost passed out in one of the booths, because I was bound and determined we were going to have a nice family dinner out on the town that night. Ha.

We got to George’s, where there was a nice little place-card with our name on our table, and as soon as we plopped the bambino in the booth, he projectile-vomited all over himself and started crying. So we cleaned him up as best as you can when all that’s available is napkins, and Jay took him back to the car. Instead of our juicy yummy Ribeyes, I put in a carryout order for a burger & fries for myself and a calzone for Jay, took him and the bambino back home, and then drove back to George’s to wait for our food.

So now today, instead of going to see Jennifer & Paige as I’d planned, I’ll be taking the bambino to the doctor later this afternoon. It’s probably for the best…Kathy was going to come along too, but she is/was stuck in Miller (her hometown) and wasn’t sure when she’d make it back to Brookings. And I’d feel awful if Paige ended up getting whatever the bambino’s hacking up. He seems mostly fine today, although he’s breathing pretty rapidly through his mouth, and he’s got a nasty-sounding cough. We’ll probably bake some Oatmeal-Walnut cookies later this morning, after we complete a game of “Mommy Eat Cheese” or “Mommy, Chase Yous.”