"There's always someone around you who will call…"

I was looking for something to make last night using pork chops I’d had in the fridge–I’d originally planned on making Italian Baked Chicken with Pastina, because I was excited about using my new baking dish (I know, I’m a dork, but the lasagna baking dish is next on my list, as is another set of dessert bowls). However, since I gave the last piece of bread (with peanut butter) to the bambino, and I waited far too long to make anymore, I just fried up the pork chops, used some left over mashed potatoes for potato pancakes, and served it all with some applesauce. I had planned on baking up some bread this morning, but Jay just informed me that he’d prefer to go ahead and visit his in-laws for Sunday dinner, which I had hoped to get out of for another week. Oh well.

Back to my original point of this post–As I flipped through several cookbooks, I came across this recipe for some French Breakfast Puffs, in my Cincinnati cookbook that I thought sounded pretty good–And it seemed easy enough that the bambino could help me with making them. I did a search to see if they were popular enough that there were reviews or other versions out there–I had no idea that they’re as popular as they are! Most notably, Ree Drummond has a version on her website (her version uses shortening–I used butter–And I think her recipe is double what mine was). I don’t even remember how I first came across her website, but I go back to it daily, and whenever Jay & I lift our self-imposed ban on spending money for anything other than food or bills, I think I’ll be buying a copy of her cookbook.

In other news, the kitchen sink is working again–As is evidenced by the fact that I was in there cooking last night & this morning. I will be happy to sing the praises of Ekern Plumbing & Heating for ages now…I’d even be happy to link to them if they had a website. I was at work when the plumber showed up, but for the fact that someone came out on a Saturday morning, it made me giddy and want to dance around like a buffoon in my kitchen…Especially after that old crone ticked me off Friday night from the Evil-Plumbing-Company-Which-Shall-Remain-Nameless.

And on that note, I suppose I should go tidy something up, and then hop in the shower to steel myself for what I’m hoping will be a mostly uneventful Sunday dinner. If nothing else, I can hold onto the fact that I already told Jay that I will be getting myself a Hazelnut latte once all is said & done.