Wednesday Rambles

Salt Lake City at Dusk

Well hello there! It’s been awhile, eh? This fall has been a little chaotic, to say the least.

For one, Fall Rush has ended, finally. There’s still a lot to catch up on, but the requested/mandatory overtime is done. Which is fine for those of us still needing/wanting to work because they thought they were done traveling for the year, but then remembered they are going to see Wilco over in St. Paul in just three days.

Airplane View of Mountains

Even before Fall Rush was technically finished, I was finished with Fall Rush. On the last actual day, I headed to Utah and met up with my sister in Salt Lake city.

Salt Lake City

I love exploring places I’ve never been. That is what my sister and I had to repeatedly tell people who asked “Why Utah?” after explaining why we were there.

Utah Public Transit

We didn’t make it out to the Great Salt Lake, because the only tours I could find online seemed to be geared towards the summer tourists, and were ridiculously expensive. We had fun exploring the city, via an Urban Adventure Quest.

Found Art

It took us all over the downtown area, as well as up to the Utah State Capitol, and around Temple Square. Utah has some interesting history.

One thing I found a little odd is how small Salt Lake City’s downtown area seems. Maybe it’s from having just been to Chicago, or growing up in Cincinnati, but the area felt rather tiny for a city with 200,000 inhabitants. 

Not that it’s a bad thing. It made getting around easy, and it didn’t take very long either. Granted, we weren’t going out into the suburbs or anything, but it was easy to walk around.

And if we didn’t want to walk, we could take the light rail, which we did frequently. The day passes were super-cheap, and on certain routes, you can ride for free. 

Room Service Breakfast

One of the other odd things (according to my sister) is the number of vegan-friendly restaurants all around Salt Lake City. Since we arrived in the early afternoon on Friday, the first thing we did was head out to find food.

We went to the Vertical Diner, which ended up being the place my sister liked best of the different places we tried.

Buffalo "Chick'n" Sandwich

And in all honesty, I liked it best too, as the food was decently vegan-for-non-vegans. We ate at a couple other places that were vegan-friendly, but Vertical Diner had the most options (with gluten-free options as well).

We also came across a vegan bakery whereupon my sister went nuts and practically emptied out the place (okay, not really, she was just excited to have donuts). For living in a large city, Columbus, Ohio has relatively few fully vegan restaurants, unless my sister wants to stick to just a salad. And I only know of one vegan bakery (though I would assume there are others?).

And really, how many people vegan or not, want just salads for their meals?

But it was a fun sisters weekend and I have one more state knocked off my list. Next month, my sister will be back here for another long weekend, and we will cross Iowa off the list (yes, I’ve been to Iowa plenty since moving to this part of the state, but she hasn’t been yet).

Birthday Cake

Last Wednesday was my birthday. I’ve never gone bonkers for my birthday, the way I know some people do.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice being remembered, like when your coworkers decorate your cube and desk. Or your sister sends you a cookbook full of recipes all involving tater tots.

But the older I get (hello Age 44), the more “Meh” I become about it. And not having my dad around just accentuates that feeling of getting older and knowing how little time really is left.

Plus, I miss the silly-funny cards he used to send.

Interstate 29 N

Not much else has been happening as of late. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my journal, thanks to a bout with insomnia.

Journal Page

Today is day three. I’m going to crash this evening, and hard.

I know it’s been awhile since the last time I had issues with insomnia. Since I’ve been going to the gym (I’m up to four days a week now!), I’ve been sleeping a lot better, even if it hasn’t been long enough each night.

But this weekend, it came roaring back, and I’ve gotten a whopping twelve hours of sleep since Sunday. That being said, I am practically falling asleep at my desk, so I will wrap this up.