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  1. Hi There,

    My name is Margaret O’Neill-Frater, and I work at Sovrn Holdings in Boulder, CO. I’m emailing you about advertising opportunities on We help publishers earn more revenue from their website advertising as a free service to you, without contracts or exclusivity.

    I am primarily interested discussing Q1 opportunities as our advertisers begin to prepare for the new year and spend their 2014 budgets. With the above in mind we expect to see a steady increase in CPMs for our publishers as we move through the new quarter.

    I hope we can touch base!

    All the best,

  2. Hi

    I’m Sam from MovingBabies – we’re a top resource for people looking for various influencers (mom, dad, parenting, & other!).

    I’d love to get you some free exposure for

    We’re an established influencer community for various bloggers, sites & PR companies and we’d love to list your site. It’s a place to showcase your site and get noticed by PR companies and brands looking for collaboration opportunities. You’ll get more exposure, event invites and requests to review amazing products.

    We’d love you to join our established influencer community and we’d love to list It’s a place to showcase your blog and get noticed by PR companies and brands looking for collaboration opportunities.

    When you’re ready: Add Your Details & Join The Community Now (It’s Free!)

    Kind Regards


  3. Hi,
    Not sure if you know this but your ad are interfering with your recipes. They show up right in the middle and you can’t get a good idea of what is required. I also tried to print and the ads are on top of the recipes.

    • I can certainly check with my ad company about the placement within the recipe card. I do know that they show up in the print preview, but won’t actually print on the recipe itself, if you go that route.

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