“You push it back down…”

I had a post and recipe all ready to go yesterday, but everything fell apart, so I scrapped it. This is why I don’t like to cook when I’m exhausted. Things tend to go horribly awry. What’s funny is that I baked a chocolate zucchini cake, which turned out fine. Dinner was another matter, though.

I’d decided that I’d use up the rest of The Beast for fried zucchini, after getting my two cups necessary for the cake. That thing was huge enough that I had to halve it, then quarter it, so I could slice it with my mandoline. And I made the mistake of using a different batter this time (I have a recipe for a soda batter that works beautifully), which didn’t turn out at all. I don’t know if the oil wasn’t hot enough or what, but everything turned into a disgusting mush, no matter how long I tried to let it crisp up. I was not happy and scrapped the whole lot.

I quick threw some fries into the oven, which were okay, but not nearly as good as the homemade ones I’ve been making with our own potatoes, and then I turned my attention to the steaks. I figured I’d pan-fry them in some butter–I’ve done them that way before, and it gives them a nice crust on the outside, with tender deliciousness on the inside. I didn’t cook them long enough, though, because they were rare, which I just can’t bring myself to eat. I cut off the edges of a couple pieces that were more done for the bambino to eat, then just gave the rest to Jay. I ended up with peanut butter and crackers, and popcorn instead.

I had better hopes for today, though. Tonight’s meal was  Shredded Beef Chimichangas.

Slightly healthier, since they’re baked, not fried, but still really tasty.

They were delicious! I’ve done them on the stove-top before, and the smell that wafts through the house makes me want to gnaw on the walls. So very very good. And they made up for last night’s failures. As did this:

Almond butter ice cream? Interesting, although not that different than peanut butter ice cream, I suppose. Hazelnut fudge swirl? Yeah, I was a goner at that point. I did share with the bambino, who thought it was the best ice cream ever, and when we finished the pint, he wanted to know if there was more in the freezer. I need to talk Hy-Vee into carrying the Cannoli di Nonni flavor, though. Mascarpone ice cream? Yes please!!!

On that note, I think I’m going to clean up my kitchen, put some pajamas on, and get off the computer for the rest of the evening! Have a good night, everyone!