“Blue sky, sunshine, what a day to take a walk in the park…”

Other than my jaunt to the grocery store this morning (and a trek to Wally World), I have done NOTHING all day. While we were out, I picked up a little snack for the bambino & I:

I can’t recall if I’ve ever had peanut butter-filled pretzels before, but these were GOOD!I had to seriously restrain myself from grabbing a candy bar in the checkout aisle. Still, I’ve done fairly well for going one day without sugar. I’m tempted to go and make some brownies this evening, but since it’s after 9, I think they’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

After we got home, I either sat in front of the computer or we watched some TV, until my stomach started rumbling. I got to work on dinner:

I’d taken the chicken out a couple nights ago, but I’ve been lazy and haven’t really cooked much. I’d debated on making it into tenders, but I was still in slacker-mode. Instead, I opted for oven-frying.

Milk & panko for the dredging.

And right before popping into the oven. While they baked (along with some steak fries), I set the table.

I got out some sauces…Ketchup for the bambino, BBQ sauce for Jay, and buffalo for me. And this for the steak fries:

The bambino has discovered he likes vinegar on his fries as well.

It looks decent enough…But it just needs a little “kick.”

Much better! I could’ve eaten 2 servings! However, we only had 3 breasts, and Jay ate 1 1/2 & the bambino had the other half. Oh well.

Delicious! I’m also debating on making myself some cocoa before bed, but I’m trying to fight that urge. I’d like to make it at least one day before I completely cave on my cutting out sugar…Well, I’m not being completely restrictive. If I like what my mother-in-law chooses to serve for dessert tomorrow, I won’t turn it down. But if I do make those brownies, I’ll have to restrain myself from eating most of the pan!

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