A blizzard, laundry & chicken-fried steak…

Well, we got hammered yesterday, although not quite as bad as they originally predicted. Still, it could’ve been worse. Sioux Falls apparently got a ton of ice, and I’d rather deal with a bunch of snow than a coating of ice. I will be SO happy when winter’s over…I can’t stand much more of this. I’m hoping we get a warmer & wet spring like we had last year. I won’t hold my breath, though. Jay decided last night that he’d just walk to work this morning…I feel bad that he’s trudging off through 12+ inch drifts right now, but I fear our poor little car wouldn’t make it out of the driveway. Not until we get it shoveled off, and that won’t happen till later this evening. This is why I’m trying to talk Jay into using at least part of what we get back from whatever income tax refund we might receive to get a snowblower. He swears up & down it’s a luxury, and we should put our money towards something else. However, we live on a corner lot, and (despite what all the naysayers think) if the climate keeps changing, we’re going to keep getting dumped on like this. And it’s already to the point where a shovel isn’t quite going to cut it anymore.

But enough of that. Because we were going to be trapped by Blizzard 2011, I made us take care of errands on Saturday when it was still sunny (albeit chilly). We got another shovel, which hopefully won’t fall apart under the weight of all this new snow. I also made Jay & the bambino get haircuts (finally).

The bambino’s was bordering on a mullet, and that’s a no-no in my house. No “business up front-party in back” nonsense. I like my guys clean-cut. Once we got home, Jay started watching Fawlty Towers (which anyone who’s ever worked in the customer service sector would appreciate), and the bambino zonked out:

I like when he (and Jay) are cleaned up after haircuts, but I also don’t, because he looks so much more like a little boy. I miss the baby.

Anyway…Also because of said blizzard yesterday, I fixed a big Sunday breakfast. I started with my strawberry-grapefruit-orange juice combo:

Which wasn’t quite as sweet this time around. I don’t think the strawberries were quite ripe enough. Oh well. We’ve got enough for another batch, so we’ll see. I also made sausage for the bambino:

Anymore, Jones’ is the only pork sausage I like. And since the bambino doesn’t seem to care for the chicken sausage Jay & I have been getting, I thought I’d treat him this week. I rounded out the meal with the usual eggs & hash browns:

My goal yesterday was to begin limiting my portion sizes, and work on incorporating more fruits (possibly some veg) back into my diet. That didn’t happen thanks to these guys:

I make fun of Jay & the bambino for being like Homer Simpson when it comes to pork, and all things related to pork, but I turn into a drooling Homer whenever doughnuts are around. Yesterday was no exception. Between Jay & I, we ate that whole container.

I spent the majority of yesterday doing laundry, and copying the recipes from all the magazines Diana let me borrow a couple weeks ago. And then I got to work on dinner:

Jay was somewhat impressed by the chicken-fried steak, but I was less than thrilled by it. For one, I was doing about 5 different things at once (and my mind was preoccupied by the amount of precipitation I watched coming down from my kitchen window), so I forgot to season both the steak and the batter, and it was extremely bland. Whoops! Still, the cream gravy turned out alright (albeit a bit on the lumpy side):

My other fail was with my mashed potatoes:

They look good, but they were really dense–I don’t think I quite added enough liquid to them. No matter. I’m thinking of making some potato bread with the leftovers, but we’ll see. I might just spend the day helping the bambino defend Echo Base from the Empire instead, as it seems we’ve been transported back to Hoth again.