“It is the Right of the People…”

I generally tend not to get too into the 4th of July and Americana and super-Patriotism. Don’t get me wrong–I love my country and all its maddening faults (and I’ve alluded to this a couple times here on the blog), and I enjoy working for a bank and having the day off, but I don’t go nuts for star-spangled-sparkler stuff. I have issues with a lot of the connotations of what it means to be American, although I also like to tout that some of my ancestors arrived before the Pilgrims did, and my sisters and I (if we were snobby blue-blood types) could technically join the D.A.R., if we wanted or took the time to gather all the materials and request membership. Maybe that will be one of those things I try and accomplish before I kick the bucket.

But that being said, when I got up this morning, the bambino immediately asked if we could have hamburgers for dinner tonight. Which I’m fine with. I shouldn’t, but I could eat burgers all the live-long day. Since it’s supposed to be close to 100°F today, though, and we’re in the midst of a drought, I didn’t really want to dig out the grill. Pan-fried burgers it was.

Well, cheeseburgers, actually. And some fries, because lord knows I can’t live without my starchy potatoes!

I did make them homemade, baked fries. I thought I’d try again with soaking them first–Based on one of the recipes from the diet cookbook my mom sent me. I thought they turned out pretty well, although I would’ve cooked them about 15-20 minutes longer if I’d had the time. And because it seems quintessentially American (and the bambino went nuts for it at his grandparents’ over the weekend), corn on the cob:

I’m so cheap when it comes buying corn on the cob. Ever since I started working at the bank, and they bring in free, fresh sweet corn each summer for all the employees, I’m loathe to buying it at the store. Still, I did today, just because I thought it would go well with dinner.

I also went with an “American” dessert:

Strawberry shortcake. I have the Williams-Sonoma: American Cookbook, although until today, I hadn’t made anything from it. I had strawberries I needed to use, as well as some Burbach’s cream from Buttercrust that was set to expire today (which is also where the burger buns came from). So, that’s what I used. And boy, was it delicious! I’ve also decided that I’m using the recipe for regular biscuits from now on (all I have to do is cut back on the sugar in them)–It uses cake flour, which made for the softest biscuit dough I’ve ever kneaded.

It’s driving me crazy that I have to go back to work tomorrow…It feels like the weekend already! But it’s only Wednesday. I need to go clean up the kitchen, and figure out what I’m going to take for lunch tomorrow. Have a good evening!