Wednesday Rambles

Kahlua Brownie

Well, I thought I’d see how this goes for another week. That dentist appointment I had last week? Turns out I have a cavity. So in another week, I get to have that filled.

That makes two now I’ve had in the past two years. Adulthood is fun.

I also had a doctor’s appointment on Friday, but that was routine lab work. That went better than the dentist appointment did. The lab work was as routine as routine gets (in other words: everything has either remained consistent or gone down).

Saturday, though…It was supposed to be a nice escape after the “excitement” of last week, and my shower mate. We’d planned to go to Sioux Falls, get out of town, do some eating and shopping. We awoke to this:

Snow in April

MORE EFFING SNOW. That makes it look so much more innocent than it was. FOUR INCHES fell on us. 

Luckily, though, by about one in the afternoon, the sun started to make its way out, and it began to melt. Enough that (after checking road conditions), I made us get in the car and go to Sioux Falls anyway. That brownie in the first picture was my reward for not losing my mind when I saw the snow.

I’ve been trying to resist the urge to buy more paper and office supplies lately – I have a LOT of ephemera and scrapbook paper and stamps and stickers. My “office” area (AKA the corner of the dining room) is starting to look like a hoarder has moved in and is slowly taking over. I was not that successful this past week.

I had decided a little while ago that I was not buying myself any blank books for awhile. I bought a leather journal cover with some Christmas money, which fits the Moleskine Cahier Notebooks I buy in bulk at Costco once a year. I also have a few faux Leuchtturm notebooks as well. 

A friend gave me this journal for Christmas – Knowing how bonkers I am for all things plaid as well as my love for stationery, it was/is perfect. But then I discovered they also have larger sizes. I ordered three of them.

While we were in Sioux Falls, I came across a couple scrapbook paper kits I couldn’t resist.

Scrapbook Papers

I’ve been using the bulk of my excess paper to make handmade envelopes. Eventually, that’s what will happen with those pads of paper. The stickers will probably end up decorating my journal pages.

Envelope Punch Board

Bought that handy-dandy punch board a few weeks ago. I’ve spent a couple weekend afternoons cutting paper down, and folding them into envelopes.

Handmade Envelopes

Eventually I’ll decorate them, and send them off to various penpals. I’ve gone back to writing letters while on my breaks at work, so it sometimes takes a day or two for me to finish one.

Penpal Letter

But I am whittling away at my reply pile, slowly but surely.

This weekend, the Brookings Farmers Market opens. We’ll pop over and see what might be available. If nothing else, there should be some bread/baked goods and some coffee!