“Times are hard, getting harder…”

Man, when it rains, it pours. Or, in this case, when the snow melts, it floods. We got home after Jay & the bambino picked me up from work, and had about 45 minutes to kill before meeting up with Jay’s mom, dad & brother for dinner. As we were talking, I happened to look up at our ceiling in the dining room, and noticed it looked a little damp in a couple of spots. I climbed up on a chair, and indeed, there was some water seeping from a crack. Jay promptly went outside, climbed up on the roof & started knocking snow off it. The ceiling seems dry now, and Jay will probably head back up there tomorrow to try & knock off more snow.

I’ve decided I need to put the end to eating out for a good long while. And no more junk food for awhile. We didn’t really have much in the way of leftovers from George’s, so I didn’t pack a lunch. It was actually nice enough out, and while I was feeling lazy enough that I didn’t want to walk over to Subway, I wanted to get out and at least enjoy part of the day.

I chose instead to get some carry-out from Boss’ Pizza & Chicken. I wasn’t sure they did carry-out for lunch, but I called & they said they’d have my order ready in about 10 minutes.

I got a chicken breast & some potato wedges.

And while I didn’t eat all my potato wedges, I did eat the skin off my chicken. I’m so used to just boneless, skinless chicken breasts that the crispy, breaded skin was a nice change of pace. I had some dessert, too:

One of the officers occasionally leaves mini candy bars on my desk if I’m stressed, or if he feels like being a nice guy. I felt like being a bit of a smart-ass this afternoon, and he told me I needed a little sweetening up today. He then plunked that large chocolate bar on my desk & I just cracked up laughing. It did make for a nice addition to my post-lunch coffee.

After the dining room ceiling fiasco, we headed over to BraVo’s to meet up with Jay’s family. After this week’s nuttiness, I decided some vino would be nice to take the edge off. So I had a lovely Pinot Noir.

Some really tasty bruschetta was delivered to the table while we looked over the menu. I had to laugh when I glanced at the kid’s menu:

And yes, the bambino got the Bambino Sirloin Steak with mashed potatoes. I also had a sirloin, but mine was a little larger:

My mom would probably fall over, but I’ve learned to enjoy my steaks medium these days…I used to eat them charred, or at the very least, medium-well. Medium is just perfect. Once we were finished, no one really expressed an interest in dessert, although the bambino was supposed to have gotten some ice cream with his meal. The poor kid didn’t get it, though, as the ice cream machine was broken. My mother-in-law & brother-in-law decided on dessert after I said I didn’t want to be the only one who got a dessert. They both had cheesecake. I of course, had my favorite:

Ah, tiramisu. I offered to share with the bambino, but after one bite, he wasn’t interested in having any more. He ate the after-dinner mints instead. And now he’s in bed, and I’m in elastic-waist pants. I need to finish up my grocery list before I go shopping tomorrow. We’re supposed to get sleet, freezing rain & more snow starting tomorrow, and more frigid air next week. I am so sick of winter, I could scream. Hopefully only another month & a half of this and spring will make an appearance!