“Go on & have yourself another lovely chocolate bar…”


Last night was a lot of fun. There was a photo contest that our department didn’t end up winning (I was so sure we’d get something, just because it was totally out of character for us, but no. It wasn’t our night), but seeing lots of coworkers and friends and having a night out was nice.

Jay’s mom & dad took care of watching the bambino for us, so we could both attend. At one point, Katie, her husband, Melissa & I got kind of stuck back by the bar…They wanted to get things started, so we went to get more drinks, but while we waited in line, they began the opening remarks, so we had to stand there & wait. Then they started sending people through the buffet line, which, after grabbing our drinks, we managed to sneak in–I was only about 3 or 4 people behind Jay once I did get into line.

Yes, I know, shame on me for not having any green veggies on my plate. I skipped the salad too, only because at these things, they only ever seem to offer 2 dressings, one of them always being Ranch dressing (which I do not like at all), and then something else like French or Catalina–Which I don’t like either. I’m strictly a vinaigrette lover, and even then I’m picky enough that I don’t like all vinaigrettes. The beef was excellent, the potatoes were roasted garlic (also excellent), and the stuffing was just okay (it had onions in it). I sipped on water and some cocktails during dinner:

Vodka & cranberry juice, AKA a Cape Cod. Jay asked why I wasn’t getting my usual White Russian, and I said I wanted to start off a little lighter. Plus, I haven’t had them in eons.

There were little favors all over the tables too:

Little chocolate stars. I ate 2 (I think), then set the rest aside for the bambino. Jay did the same thing. After that, they announced the dessert tables were ready.

There were actually 4 or 5 types of mini cheesecakes, as well as 2 different kinds of regular cake AND homemade truffles. I got the strawberries & cream cheesecake, Key lime, and I was just about to get a chocolate peanut butter one when I spied the tiramisu one. And while I don’t mind Key lime pie or cheesecake, the strawberry one was (dare I say this?) better than the tiramisu. Not that it wasn’t good itself, out of the 3, I liked the strawberry one best, and after taking a bite, I gave the Key lime one to Jay. After another presentation, it was time to head home. A bunch of people were heading to the bars afterwards, but it was late, I’d barely spent any time with the bambino, and I had to get up early to be at my designated volunteer spot for the Brookings Marathon.

Katie volunteered with me, and we originally said we wanted to work the drink station. We got bumped:

Yep…We were then told to guard a bridge…Or we were supposed to tell the runners to go over it. I don’t remember, and it didn’t matter, because we got moved again:

We ended up having to guard the path that could’ve been a shortcut around a pond. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere:

Especially once I found myself needing to use a bathroom, and the nearest one was about a 10-minute walk away! I seriously debated on just going in the bushes but I didn’t have anything to *ahem* wipe with. Thankfully Katie told me I could pop into her place & use the bathroom, once we were told we could leave. And after all that, and getting back home & being a slug for a few hours, we popped out to run some errands, which included a few things at the grocery store:

Milk! Sadly, we have been out of milk for about 4 days, I think.

Pantry stuff. I opted for some cold cereal in the hopes that spring might show up with some warm weather. The graham crackers and walnuts are for a graham cracker torte I’m going to make next week for one of my meetings. I gave everyone a choice between those & Nutella Sandwich Cookies. Everyone picked the graham cracker torte.

The fruit & salad are for next week. Jay discovered Friday night that the pants to the suit he wore at our wedding no longer fit him. They’re now too big. Too big to the point that they fall down without a belt. I, on the other hand, have gained enough weight that I couldn’t fit back into my wedding dress if you paid me. I couldn’t wear my full slip–I barely got it back off after trying it back on. I bought some control-top hose that spent the evening in the dreaded roll-down position. So I decided that was the kick in the butt I finally needed to get me back to exercising and eating better. We’ll see, though. I need to do something, because I’m out of control, and I don’t like it at all.

And on that note, while I’d love ranting more, I am completely exhausted, so I’m going to bed.